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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Pinterest Recipes I'm Dying To Try

Have you ever looked at the Food and Drink section on Pinterest and just scrolled for what seems like hours drooling at all the delicious recipes? No? Just me? Okay that's fine that just means I did all the digging for you. If you follow me on Pinterest you know just how obsessed I've been with searching for new recipes lately. (It's part of my 101 goals to try 10 Pinterest meals!) So I thought I would share a few of them that I thought looked extra scrumptious.

And just because, here are some desserts that I'm dying to try too!

That S'mores pie is driving me crazy it looks so good! Have you tried any delicious recipes from Pinterest that you're dying to share?

All images via Pinterest

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  1. I've made something very similar to the chicken parmesan baked ziti, but with spinach. It was delicious! I've added the popsicles and cheesecake bars to my to-make list as well. :)


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