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Friday, June 19, 2015

Current Wish List

If only my wallet was as big as my closet dreams. It doesn't exactly help that I'm going on vacation (wow, complaining about going on vacation, ignore me) where I have to save for meals and souvenirs and I have recruitment in the Fall (which I still have to purchase all the required outfits!) so my frivolous shopping will have to stay on the back burner for now. This doesn't mean however, that I can't fantasize about all the clothes I wish to buy...

So these might just be on sale for under $60 and I might just have to convince myself to go buy them. Plus I own those converse that are in the picture, that's a sign right?

I just recently bought this necklace (I swear it was a necessity) and really want a matching tassel bracelet to go with it. It comes in turquoise and a few other colors as well! I think I've come to the conclusion that I'm obsessed with tassels.

Another thing I'm currently obsessed with? Palm Print. It's everywhere and I am loving it. I recently bought these pajama shorts (which I've been rocking as regular shorts #noshame) and they are the comfiest things I've ever put on my body. I really like the quality and prices of Old Navy, so this romper is definitely going on my Must Haves list. 

Yes another romper, but hey, this one has pom poms! I love how simple this is and how it's essentially just an empty canvas for all the colorful jewelry I would add to it...

I know these don't look like the cutest shoes around, but they are so comfortable. I tried them on while shopping the other day and it felt like my feet had died and gone to foot heaven. Plus who can say no to metallic gold shoes?

I'm not sure why I like this top so much, but I do. It might be because every off the shoulder top I've worn in the past makes me feel like I'm a little bit freer and festive, or maybe it's because I feel like this paired with black skinny jeans would make one heck of an ensemble. 

What's on your current wish list? 


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