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Saturday, May 2, 2015

How to Beat the Heat.

Hey everyone, it seems like I can't stop apologizing for the lack of consistent posting on here, but I swear with summer coming around I'll be getting into a better rhythm. Over the past week I've been dealing with a nasty flu, one that has left me trying to get my voice back for the past couple days because my coughs have been so painful and persistent. I've also had a lot on my plate with finals coming up and just haven't had the time or physical energy to put effort into things other than my health and school work. I'm not giving up on this blog and really hope you all won't give up on me. Be sure to follow along on the blog's Facebook page because that's where I'll be posting that something new is up on the blog!

Back to the point of the post...I'm not sure about other places, but the summer heat is already in full force down in Southern California. I am a complete wimp when it comes to surviving the heat, catch me outside for a long period of time and I will be complaining and sweaty and no one wants to deal with me. But these are some tips for how I keep myself cool and not so moody in the summer heat.

1. Keep Hydrated

Most important rule for keeping cool in the blazing sun is keeping hydrated. Not only will drinking water keep you at a lower temperature, but it will also keep you from passing out if the heat is truly unbearable. Whenever possible get your hands on some water because that will be your lifesaver in hot weather.

2. Light Layers and Light Colors

I have a tendency to wear layers in the heat, I know, strange. But it's because I always get burned or get freckles or something when I don't, and for me wearing a loose, flowy cover on my shoulders keeps the sun from blazing down on them. Also light colors reflect the sun, dark colors retain it so whites, pastels, essentially anything bright and not black are in the clear!

3. Snack on Fruit

Instead of eating hot or regular snacks from the pantry, try snacking on some fruit. Keep your fruits cool in the fridge and you'll instantly feel cooler when eating them. Fruit is also another great source of vitamins and will keep you from being dehydrated!

4. Stay Indoors

Been spending a lot of time outside? Go indoors. Simple as that, get out of the sun. There's plenty of summer activities that you can do indoors that keep you out of the sun's rays and under some nice AC. Go see a movie at your local theatre, some mini-golf places are indoors, visit a museum, take a dance or exercise class, or my personal favorite, go shopping!

Hope you're all staying cool!

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