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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Yes Please

I not so recently won a giveaway from Kate Spade Saturday (#RIP) for Amy Poehler's Book Yes Please. Let me start this off by saying I was not expecting to like and relate to this book as much as I did. I enjoy Amy Poehler. I loved her on SNL and I loved her on Parks and Recreation, but I was never obsessed with her like I am with some celebrities (cough cough Dylan O'Brien). I thought this book would be a light, fun read where I would giggle and finish with a "Well that was good."

What I didn't expect was for me to connect with Amy Poehler. No I'm not an award winning comedian who has two sons and an amazing personality, but it was the little things that made me see her as a regular person, someone whose little quirks related to mine. I especially connected with her when she was talking about her desperate need of nitrous when visiting the dentist. Anyone remember a little post I wrote last summer about my anxiety at the dentist?

As I was reading her book I got a glimpse of who she really is as a person (or at least who she writes herself to be, I don't actually know her obviously) and got the feeling you're supposed to get when reading a magazine's section of "Celebrities! They're just like us!"She shared intimate details of her life, and how she grew up. I love learning about how people grow into themselves. I think it's partially because I'm in that phase right now, and also because I have a strange need to compare my life to others.

Yes Please made me feel like some of my weird insecurities were something that I could use "as my currency" as Amy phrases it. To use your interests and personality as a way to make things happen and change your life. Her approach to life is funny, serious, and sometimes a little wacky, but that just makes her more interesting. A few points in the book I would lose interest at because either 1) I had no experience in what she was talking about (read: improv/divorce) or 2) It would be 1am and I was starting to fall asleep.

My point is, I didn't think that I would get that much from a book written by a comedian. At most I thought I would get some insight into the gossip behind SNL (which I did) but I got so much more than that. It's opened me up to new ways of thinking about the world and myself. I highly recommend this one guys. Great job Amy, I know it was hard (as you stated about a million times haha).

P.S. By finishing this I've partially completed a goal on my 101 in 1001 list!
P.P.S. If you have any good book recommendations, I would love to hear them! I'm always looking for something new.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

101 in 1001

I'm sure you guys have already seen a couple bloggers do a 101 in 1001 post, but I wanted to do one myself. If you haven't seen one of these posts before, it's essentially a list of 101 goals that you want to accomplish in 1001 days (2.75 years). It seems like such a long time for a goals list, especially when I'm   definitely used to doing a daily or weekly to-do list. When I make my traditional to-do lists, I usually stick to mainly short term, school related/chore goals. 


Finish History Paper

Pick up prescription

Go Grocery shopping

Go to sorority meeting

etc. etc. etc.

I saw the 101 in 1001 posts, and realized that maybe I was focusing to much on the things that I needed to do, not necessarily what I wanted to do. Of course I'm still going to have to do papers and chores, but having a list of the things that excite me seemed like a good way to put my happiness as a priority in my life. 

I decided to share my list with you all, so maybe you'll be inspired like I was! As I complete each goal I'll cross it off, so be sure to check back and see what I've done!

Start Date: May 22, 2015

End Date: February 16, 2018

1. Work Out 4 days a week for a month

2. Get a cat

3. Learn to cook 5 good meals

4. Plant a garden at the condo

5. Host a housewarming party at the condo

6. Drink only water for a month (#SorryDietCoke)

7. Spend one day without my phone

8. Go sailing

9. Run a mile without stopping

10. Buy better (and cuter) running shoes (picture)

11. Read for 30 minutes every night for 2 weeks

12. Try 5 new foods (broccoli, dates, rhubarb, dragon fruit, kiwano)

13. Graduate College

14. Attend a school sport's event

15. Put together all family recipes

16. Take a trip with the roommates

17. Go to 3 Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

18. Set up my gallery wall

19. Really go through my closet

20. Learn how to curl my own hair with a curling iron (embarrassing right?)

21. Fully decorate the condo for Christmas

22. Learn more Greek

23. Finish decorating the condo bedroom/bathroom

24. Inspire someone else to make a list (My roommate Jacqueline!)

25. Do 5 DIY projects

26. Get a little

27. Learn how to do the nurse's tuck bed making technique

28. Defriend strangers on Facebook 

29. Travel to a new country (Ireland, Scotland, England)

30. Visit a city I've never been to before (Pompeii, Cinque Terre, Seattle)

31. Eat at 10 new restaurants in Los Angeles/Orange County (Tutto Fresco, Chick-fil-A, The Saddle Ranch, Cho Oishi, Citrus City Grill, Blaze Pizza, Yard House, Green China, The Lazy Dog, The Burger Joint)

32. Eat at 10 new restaurants in the Bay Area (The Habit)

33. Figure out how to install and use Google Analytics (someone help me!) (I already installed it I guess?? But I figured it out YIPEE!)

34. Get hired

35. Make a lasting blog schedule and keep it for a month or longer

36. Buy a nice camera

37. Unsubscribe from every piece of junk mail

38. Attend a blogging conference

39. Move to a new city

40. Invest in a Kate Spade bag

41. Try 10 Pinterest meals (Smore's Dip, Lemon Cake, Orange Chicken, Pineapple Beef Skewers, Greek Chicken, Baked Buffalo Wings, Chicken Piccata, Pound Cake, Various Whole30 meals)

42. Buy a real lotto ticket

43. Set up an Etsy shop for my paintings (June 2015, Here it is!)

44. Movie theatre marathon:Watch 3 movies in one day

45. Go to a drive-in movie theatre

46. Take the GRE

47. Attend a taping of a show

48. Go to 5 new museums 

49. Visit 3 states I haven't been to (Washington)

50. Watch my sister graduate college (May 2015)

51. Invest in 5 beautiful coffee table books

52. Visit Jacqueline in Seattle

53. Visit Nicole in Hawaii

54. Perfect my french braiding

55. Make a t-shirt quilt 

56. Order food in Italian

57. Post at least 5 outfit posts (1 2 3)

58. Finish reading my Ben Franklin Biography

59. Make a cheesecake from scratch

60. Visit Griffith Park

61. Do the Hollywood Sign Hike

62. Eat a donut at Randy's Donuts

63. Go to a movie premiere

64. Go to the San Diego Zoo

65. Dye my hair back 

66. Drive across the Golden Gate Bridge

67. Gamble with my parents in Lake Tahoe

68. Eat breakfast for two weeks straight (When I was in Italy!)

69. Learn how to properly cut watermelon (Not as hard as I thought, thanks Dad)

70. Make homemade ice cream

71. Reread The Great Gatsby

72. Visit Rebecca at Cal Poly

73. Do paint balloon darting

74. Go to another concert (Taylor Swift)

75. Fill my change jar

76. Buy and style a bar cart

77. Sell a painting

78. Buy a pair of Hunter boots

79. Buy a domain name

80. Make $1000 by selling things (via ebay, etsy, etc.)

81. Make a new wish at the Trevi fountain

82. Read 20 new books (Yes Please by Amy Poehler, Holes by Louis Sachar )

83. Start watching a new TV show (Started watching The Originals!)

84. Buy What's Your Number on DVD

85. Take a picture with the 9 and 3/4 cart at King's Cross

86. Organize my desk space

87. Go to a yoga class

88. Be featured/guest post on another blog

89. Go back to New Orleans

90. Study in a coffeeshop 

91. Take a luxurious bath in my new tub 

92. Buy myself flowers

93. Go to an exchange with a fraternity

94. Organize my "Home" Pinterest into different rooms (May 23, 2015 So. Much. Better.)

95. Watch the Disneyland Fantasmic show

96. Reach 1000 followers on Instagram @samimast

97. See an improv show

98. Make my bed every morning for a month

99. Visit all antique stores in the circle

100. Put all my nail polishes on Snupps

101. Save $10 for every goal achieved

Wow this was a lot more difficult than I thought to write out 101 goals! Let me know if you start a list of your own (it's one of my goals! #24) I would love to read it! 

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Life Goals and "The Supposed To's"

I've always been a life planner. Not necessarily the type to have every little detail planned out, but I have always had bigger goals that I wanted to accomplish in my future. However, I've realized that some of these goals that I've planned on for so long aren't exactly what I want anymore. I came into college thinking that I would get my degree, go on to grad school until I got a doctorate, and eventually work at the Smithsonian. But I'm starting to see the flaws in my own plan. First and foremost, I'm not sure if I even want to go to grad school. If I don't go to grad school, I don't work at the Smithsonian, simple as that. But despite how upsetting it would be to not fulfill this goal that I've told everyone has been my dream, it doesn't exactly ruin my happiness. 

I think that when these things happen we have to reevaluate our goals and decide if that plan is what we really want. This ties in with what I call "the supposed to's." 

I'm halfway through college, I'm supposed to know what I want to do for the rest of my life. Well technically I'm supposed to have a general idea of some sort. I might want to do something with history (my major) but it would also be a dream of mine to blog full time. I'm also supposed to have a job or at least some experience, when all I've ever done is nanny! To get a job after college, I'm supposed to be getting straight A's along with doing an internship or community service or maybe holding a leadership position in some clubs. It drives me crazy with all the things that I'm supposed to have going on or planned for the future. More importantly, it scares me a little. 

I think about where I'm supposed to be in preparing for my career and my future life and sometimes I just want to drop it all and give up. But, I know that this is normal, as proved by the fact that half of my friends have no idea what they want to do with their lives. I feel like college isn't the place where you truly figure out what you want, but it's a place where you realize that not everything has to be as planned out as you thought. You have time to understand your interests, and even if you major in something that you won't use specifically for your future career, there are ways to go after what you want, whatever that may be. 

I've come to terms with not exactly knowing what I want out of my life, and when I find things that I truly want to do (like moving to Boston after I graduate!) I stick with them. I think a lot of people get stressed out during their college years because you think you have to have your life together, when in reality no one has their life completely together! This was a bit of a ramble of a post, but I think I just needed to write out all of this, especially with graduation coming up. For those of you worried about the future, you're not alone. Just keep taking the little things that excite you and things will eventually come together. :)

Saturday, May 2, 2015

How to Beat the Heat.

Hey everyone, it seems like I can't stop apologizing for the lack of consistent posting on here, but I swear with summer coming around I'll be getting into a better rhythm. Over the past week I've been dealing with a nasty flu, one that has left me trying to get my voice back for the past couple days because my coughs have been so painful and persistent. I've also had a lot on my plate with finals coming up and just haven't had the time or physical energy to put effort into things other than my health and school work. I'm not giving up on this blog and really hope you all won't give up on me. Be sure to follow along on the blog's Facebook page because that's where I'll be posting that something new is up on the blog!

Back to the point of the post...I'm not sure about other places, but the summer heat is already in full force down in Southern California. I am a complete wimp when it comes to surviving the heat, catch me outside for a long period of time and I will be complaining and sweaty and no one wants to deal with me. But these are some tips for how I keep myself cool and not so moody in the summer heat.

1. Keep Hydrated

Most important rule for keeping cool in the blazing sun is keeping hydrated. Not only will drinking water keep you at a lower temperature, but it will also keep you from passing out if the heat is truly unbearable. Whenever possible get your hands on some water because that will be your lifesaver in hot weather.

2. Light Layers and Light Colors

I have a tendency to wear layers in the heat, I know, strange. But it's because I always get burned or get freckles or something when I don't, and for me wearing a loose, flowy cover on my shoulders keeps the sun from blazing down on them. Also light colors reflect the sun, dark colors retain it so whites, pastels, essentially anything bright and not black are in the clear!

3. Snack on Fruit

Instead of eating hot or regular snacks from the pantry, try snacking on some fruit. Keep your fruits cool in the fridge and you'll instantly feel cooler when eating them. Fruit is also another great source of vitamins and will keep you from being dehydrated!

4. Stay Indoors

Been spending a lot of time outside? Go indoors. Simple as that, get out of the sun. There's plenty of summer activities that you can do indoors that keep you out of the sun's rays and under some nice AC. Go see a movie at your local theatre, some mini-golf places are indoors, visit a museum, take a dance or exercise class, or my personal favorite, go shopping!

Hope you're all staying cool!
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