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Friday, March 6, 2015

Spring Break Ready

Spring is just around the corner, and in the next few weeks, everyone will be off on mini-vacations for the oh so coveted spring break. To help you get ready, I've come up with some things that you'll need and a few tips.


Please be safe about your skin. If you're going somewhere warm and sunny, use sunscreen! I know, I know, having a tan is very important (If you can achieve it, because lord know's I'll never get darker than 'ivory') but so is making sure that your skin is healthy. You don't have to sit in the sun and bake all day to get a nice tan! In the past I've used Jergen's Natural Glow and have seen great results, and I have a friend who swears by it year round. Give it a try! For those who don't want to tan, but still want to keep safe, I highly recommend Neutrogena's Ultra Sheer Sunscreen.

Tip #2 Be Classy, Not Trashy

I'll keep this one short and sweet: Don't be the girl you hear crazy stories about. You know the one. The girl who drinks herself silly and doesn't know how to handle herself. Just don't be like those girls from Spring Breakers.

Tip #3 Have fun!

Duh, spring break is supposed to be a great time that you can relax from school (if you're lucky enough not to get homework...) and hang out with friends and family. Put school on the back burner and just enjoy the week.

Things You'll Need:

A Killer Swim Suit

Of course, my dream would be to own this one from Kate Spade, but Target also has a lovely collection of swim suits that just hit stores like this one below! Looks like Kate Spade, but for much, much cheaper. 

The Perfect Sunglasses

Pick up a pair of my favorite sunglasses here! They're cheap, but they're so amazing.

THE Spring Break Outfit

I always want my spring break outfits to be as bright and fun as possible, and I love this romper for doing just that! My go to outfits for break normally include rompers, sundresses, and bright tank tops with shorts. 

Hope you guys have a wonderful spring break! When it's over I would love to hear about it!


  1. Awesome Sami. Firstly, I am so sorry I missed out on Spring Break fun by growing up in Australia, not US! And thanks for the heads up on a Target alternative to the Kate Spade swimmers.

  2. They don't have spring break in Australia!? And no problem! I'm always up for a great deal!


  3. Thank you so much for participating in the Spring Fling Link Up :) I love that romper. And I so agree that skin care is important! A pretty tan now can make for not so pretty skin on down the road!

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass


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