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Saturday, November 29, 2014


I love being on break, but I know that school is coming back at full force with finals coming up. However, I had a great time with my family and am ready to kick myself into gear these next upcoming weeks! I don't think I'll be too stressed with finals as half of them are online or take home, so for now I'll just be counting down the days until my winter break!

Also, this isn't included in my spotlight, but I was introduced to a new donut place that has the best strawberry filled donuts! Normally I'm not a filled donut type person, but these are delicious! They're from Donut Dolly in Berkeley and the flavors change all the time, but I believe the strawberry jam one is a classic that they normally have. I also tried the mexican chocolate flavor, but the spice in it wasn't for me. If you find yourself in Berkeley (or Oakland!) with a craving for donuts, check'em out!

Now onto my spotlight!

Donald Duck Skeleton

I watched a bunch of cartoons when I was younger, and they always seemed to move in the most impossible ways. A man named Hyungkoo Lee decided that he would attempt to recreate some beloved characters and imagining what their skeletons would look like if they were actual animals. This is such an interesting thing to me because whenever I think of cartoons I think of real animals with an exaggerated twist to them. I love the Donuld Duck skeleton above, but my favorite out of the ones I've seen has been Goofy!

This girl is 13 years old and she's learning how to train a giant golden eagle to hunt. What was I doing at 13? Watching a bunch of romantic comedies and complaining that I had too much geometry homework, probably. She is believed to be the only girl in the world who uses the eagle hunting technique, which is amazing. The people of western Mongolia are the only ones who use this type of technique to gather food. The pictures of her with the eagle are so powerful and I can just feel the connection between them.

If you haven't seen Jimmy Kimmel's Mean Tweets series yet, please go watch them all right now. All of them are really funny, but normally there's that one truly hilarious tweet in each video that makes me laugh like no other. My favorite ones in #8 would have to be the Chris Pratt and Adam Sandler ones!

I'll just let you watch this, it's adorable.

I think this guy, whoever he is, is hilarious. All the english teachers that I've known have a great sense of humor, and this guy is no exception. My favorite part is not only did he comment on basically everything, but he gave it a grade!

I would love to see anything you guys found interesting or funny!

Monday, November 24, 2014

40 Things I'm Thankful For (As A College Student)

Thanksgiving is coming up within the next week, and I wanted to write down a list of what I'm grateful for as of right now. Normally this is a time to think about friends and family, but this list is a bit more specific and leans towards students and what I see in my daily life. Hope you can relate to some of these, or even if you can't, I'd love to hear what you're thankful for!

1. Thanksgiving break, or really any break from school to be honest.
2. Coming home and seeing my pets get excited.
3. Professors that cancel assignments and/or tests.
4. Emails telling you your class was canceled (especially your classes before 10am!)
5. Chipotle. I'm pretty sure I don't need an explanation here.
6. Coffee, or in my case, iced coffee for the days when you need an extra boost of energy.
7. Naps, for when said coffee wears off.
8. Roommates you can tell anything to.
9. University dining dollars, in my case panther bucks, that make you feel like you aren't actually spending money.
10. Your mattress pad(s) because without it your back would be killing you.
11. Netflix, your one and only true love.
12. The days when cold weather starts to hit and you can finally dress in cute layers!
13. Puppies on campus as stress relievers for finals week.
14. Leggings and yoga pants.
15. Instagram, so you can share all your cool college adventures, or lack there of...
16. Starbucks holiday drinks, my favorite is the Creme Brulee Latte.
17. Yik Yak and all the weird things you find on there.
18. Sleeping in on the weekend.
19. Binge-watching tv shows and movies with friends.
20. Skyping with your parents.
21. Grocery coupons.
22. Any coupons really.
23. Speaking of coupons, those Victoria's Secret free underwear coupons.
24. That friend who has their own Costco membership and lets you tag along with them.
25. The samples at Costco.
26. Holiday twinkle lights that your dorm doesn't allow, but you probably have anyway.
27. Candles that are also against the rules, but most likely are hidden somewhere in your room.
28. Curves on tests.
29. When your professor drops your lowest quiz grade.
30. Hugging your family when you finally see them again.
31. Getting to bring laundry home so you don't have to do it yourself.
32. Easy classes that give your GPA the boost you need.
33. Snapchat
34. Oversized sweaters and sweatshirts.
35. Late nights wandering around campus with friends.
36. When someone gives you a ride to the airport so you don't have to pay for a taxi.
37. When campus restaurants memorize your order (maybe that's a bad thing...oops).
38. Staying in pajamas all day when you don't have class.
39. Relaxing when you're finally done with midterms.
40. Did I mention a break from school?

Friday, November 21, 2014

Cafe Lucca

I recently went to one of my favorite restaurants near Chapman: Cafe Lucca. Last year I won a gift certificate there from a costume contest with the university's Italian club, and I realized that I hadn't spent all of it yet! So my friend Steph and I went over to get some of their famous gelato after classes.

My favorite thing about Cafe Lucca (besides the food, obviously) is their entryway. The doors are so elegant and inviting, and it just looks even better with the holiday decor set up! 

Also take a look at that ceiling! All the little stores here in orange are pretty old, so they all have these little details that I just love.

Just look at all that gelato, oh my god it was the hardest decision of my life choosing which one to get. The picture doesn't even show all the options there were!! You also have unlimited tasting options (or maybe you don't, but I'm pretty sure one time I sampled like six of them...), and although you really can't go wrong with any flavor, this just helps ensure you'll get one you'll enjoy.

I ended up getting the Berry Almond Muffin flavor (left) and Steph (pictured above the gelato) got the Stracciatella (essentially italian chocolate chip) flavor. I loved mine and Steph seemed pretty happy with hers too. Believe it or not, we each got the smallest size, could you imagine what the large size would be?!

If you ever find yourself in the Old Town Orange area, stop by Cafe Lucca for some amazing gelato!! (And pay me a visit!)

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Leggings Sale!

My favorite leggings are currently on sale for 40% off! In fact, everything right now at Loft is on sale with the coupon code SHAREIT. I love these leggings because they are on the thicker side, they are the perfect length for tucking into boots, and the waistline is also a bit thicker so they won't roll down on you at any point in the day. I highly recommend any of Loft's leggings for keeping you warm during the upcoming months!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

What's In My Bag? School Days

I always love seeing the what's in my bag posts, mostly because I'm nosey, but also because I like to see if there is something that I'm totally forgetting to carry around with me. I never really hold too much in my regular bag since I'm at school 5 days a week and then only switch over my wallet to a small bag and that's it. But I figured I'll show you what's in my bag that I use for school! I got my bag from a small store in Lake Tahoe that I honestly don't remember the name of, but it can go from a purse to a backpack in seconds! It's got a lot of room so I can hold all the books and notebooks I need for class plus all my other necessities!

Wallet: It isn't included in the picture because I forgot to put it in there, but it's my most important item. As I would think it would be for most people? It's a Kate Spade Cobble Hill Stacy and is the same exact color of the bag (yay matching!) but is no longer available, although I found a similar one (currently on sale!!!) in the same color! I transfer it to every bag I use and always have it with me. I would be extremely lost without it. My school ID is always in there, and that's how I get in and out of my dorm, how I get food on campus, etc!

Notebook: I use 2 three subject notebooks which is great since I am taking five classes at the moment. I  only have max three classes in a day so just bring one of the notebooks with me and I'm set. I love the Five Star ones because they give ample note taking space and also have pockets at each separator. 

Textbook: In the picture I have my Italian textbook because it's really the only book I have to take to class. All my other books stay in my room, but we're required for language classes to have the book with us nearly every class. Let me tell you, it's heavy and awful. 

Pencil Case: I've always used makeup pouches in place of a pencil case because they have better designs by far. Also, the lining on the inside of a makeup case protects my bag from getting destroyed if a pen happens to leak. Pencil cases are definitely not as protective on that part. I got mine from target, and I'm loving this one that they have right now.

Sunglasses: I actually got the ones pictured for free when I tested them out as a new product. They're from Spy Optic and have "happy lenses" that use the sun's rays to give you a more positive attitude. I'm not sure if I feel happier wearing them or not, but they are definitely great for the Southern California sun and for driving around. I tend to get blinded by the sun any time I get in my car, so these are lifesavers. These are super high quality and durable and if you're looking for a new pair of sunglasses I would recommend them! 

iPhone: Obviously. I used my phone to take the picture, but took off the case so you would see that it was included. Again, another necessity. Unfortunately it's no longer available. 

Chapstick: I'm so addicted to applying chapstick it's ridiculous. A couple years back I was introduced to the Lemon Lip Balm from Bath and Body Works and loved it. Every so often (like right now!) they do a buy 2 get 1 free for them, and I stock up! My parents also give a bunch of them to me for christmas. Seriously amazing stuff. 

Headphones: I love skull candy headphones. I normally find them at TJ Maxx or Marshalls for pretty cheap, and get them every two years or so. They're one of the few earphones that don't hurt my ears. I'm one of those people who can't use apple headphones! 

Nail clippers: I always seem to get hang nails at the worst time, and all throughout high school I carried a pair in my backpack. I decided to do the same in college, and it's one of the most useful things in my bag. 

Band Aids: Just a good idea, you'll never know when you or someone else will need one.

Hair Ties: Again, you never know if you or a friend will need/want one, so it's best to just carry a few around.

Makeup Remover: Sometimes you have those moments where your makeup gets smudged or your eye waters and mascara runs down your cheek. In those moments it's good to have a small makeup wipe to clean up those little mistakes quickly!

Friday, November 7, 2014

My Big's Paddle!

If you are in a sorority, you most likely know that paddles are a tradition. Well for the last two weeks I have been working on my paddle for my big and I finally got to give it to her on Wednesday night! I was so proud of what I had done that I was very sad to have it leave my possession. However, she loved it so much and I know that she will take good care of it, and all my effort was definitely worth seeing the smile on her face!

My big loves rhinestones and cheetah print, so I wanted to find a way to work those two together without it being overdone. So on the front side that's what I did! The back is supposed to be a wine bottle (although the pink is a tad bit too bright, but oh well) because, well, my big likes wine! I'm so proud that I could be this crafty!! Lots of love to you big!!!

I would love to see your paddle if you're in a sorority! Send a picture to me via email at or comment a link if it's online anywhere! I'm definitely posting mine on my Pinterest

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

October Favorites

Boy am I late on this post! School has been super hectic, but I'm trying to be on the blog as much as I can! Anyway, on to last months favorites! This one is very halloween themed, but hey isn't everything in October?

One // Pumpkins

My apartment had a total of 7 pumpkins this year! It's not really a specific item like I usually do for this list, but I felt compelled to add it. I seriously love all things fall, but pumpkins are basically at the top of that list. 

It isn't officially October till I've watched Hocus Pocus. It's my tradition every year, and it's my favorite Halloween movie! It's a total classic and if you haven't seen it already you definitely have to!! Even though it's now the post Halloween season it's a must see. 

I love this bag! First recommended to me by The College Prepster, I bought it the second I saw it. Last year I had trouble finding a bag that was big enough to take on weekend trips where I could fit clothes, toiletries, my laptop, school books, and anything else. I saw this bag and it's size and automatically knew that I would make good use of it. The weekend before last I actually drove home (8 hours btw!) and used this and fit everything I needed with extra space leftover! It has a really durable shoulder strap so that you can have free hands when carrying it around. Plus, it's monogrammed and how cute is that?

The one in the picture is actually off season, but they sell an Apple Crisp one that smells the exact same. I have one and spray it all the time just to make my room smell like an apple orchard. I find that most other room sprays like febreeze come off smelling fake and chemically altered, but this stuff is amazing. I would use it as perfume if I could (and I kind of have!). 

I'm kind of obsessed with everything Lauren Conrad is doing right now. Her style is so sweet and chic at the same time, she just got married, and she's just on top of everything. This jewelry line of hers is girly, simple, and classy. I have the bracelet pictured above (only $10.50!) and love it! I'm always on the search for new jewelry that is pretty but at a good price. I will definitely be back at Kohls to go searching for some more great jewelry of hers!
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