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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Nail-ed it!

As I mentioned in many of my previous posts, I'm obsessed with doing my nails and nail art from Pinterest. I've finally had the time to do my nails properly since I've been at school, and wanted share with you guys how easy it is to get cute nails!

I love Pinterest so much because there are so many options that I can just continue scrolling until I find something that suits the mood I'm in and the level of easiness! 

I started off with Sally Hansen Insta-dri in Pink Blink (seriously dries in a minute or less!) and then putting white polka dots with the nail art brush/dotter that I bought from Simply Spoiled Beauty (wait till they go on sale or have a coupon code! I got mine for 50% off!) These things are my favorite nail products. It's unbelievably easy to do nail art with them, so if you're frustrated using bobby pins or buying separate brushes (which I totally still do for the colors that aren't in the set) then go snag these! After the polka dots I drew thin black lines in different directions and sealed it up with top coat and done!

Now that I have these awesome nails, I gotta get back to studying since midterms are coming up!


  1. Very Cute! I need to take the time and do something fun with my nails, this is good inspiration!

  2. your nails are WAY TOO ADORABLE!! and great colors! i love the polka dot and the other design is pretty cool! I'll have to try it one day~~

  3. Thanks! I'm a big fan of doing polka dots too, they're pretty simple, but always turn out looking cute!

  4. This is so nice and simple! You did a great job! I am a licensed nail technician and I'd think about doing different color combos of this at the spa that I work at :)

  5. These are so cute! You did really well, I just started actually doing my own nails and this is a real inspiration. Thank you :)


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