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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Being Sick in College 101

If you follow me on twitter then you know that this past week I've been sick. It happens to everyone, and college is just an explosion of germs and diseases. Last year I was sick the first week of school and even lost my voice! That next month I got bronchitis! This year it just seems to be a small cold...for now.

Being sick in college is something no one wants, and makes going to classes that much harder. I have midterms coming up, so skipping class isn't an option, and I'm not too fond of sniffling and coughing in front of everyone either. Luckily I've had some great friends who have supplied me with tissues, cough drops, and the occasional canadian herbal pills (Shout out to Jacqueline and her Cold FX!)

No matter what kind of bug is going around your school, here's some helpful tips for when you catch something.

1. Keep up with your studies no matter what. If you have to miss a class, make sure you 100% aren't going to be missing something important that day. Get lecture notes from a classmate and ask your professor if they handed something out. Cover all your bases. But, as always, not missing class is your best option.

2. Always. Have. Tissues. Whether it's the small to-go packs, a box, or just a couple shoved in your pocket, there will always be a time when you need one. I can't tell you how many times I've wished for a tissue because I sneezed, had a runny nose, etc. Even if you aren't sick it's just a good idea. This isn't like high school where each room has a box of tissues, now you supply your own (unfortunately).

3. Dress comfortably! When you're sick, you're more likely to feel uncomfortable in things, so wear whatever makes you happy. It honestly doesn't matter what anyone else is thinking, always put yourself first. If you want to dress in a million layers, do it. If you want to wear pajamas, go ahead.

4. Fluids and vitamins. I take a multi-vitamin daily, which has definitely helped me get over this cold faster (and also gives me super healthy hair and nails! YAY!) and the second I feel symptoms coming on I put two packs of Emergen-C in my drink. The lemon-lime is my favorite, but it comes in a wide variety of flavors. It's basically a jumpstart for killing the germs in your body. As for fluids, water is now your best friend. Water, tea, anything that isn't sugary or an energy drink is what you need to be drinking. When you're sick, you can get dehydrated very easily, so putting those extra fluids in will flush out all the bad stuff in your body.

5. Get some sleep. Go to bed earlier or take a nap during the day. Whatever you choose to do, make some time for you to get some quality rest.

I hope these will help you if you catch something! For now, I have to finish fighting off my own cold! Also, sorry I haven't posted much lately. The combination of me being sick, my sister visiting (post on that soon), and it being midterm season has left me with almost no time for writing. But don't think I won't be around!

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