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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Weekend in San Diego

This past weekend I drove down to San Diego since my mom was there for a conference. I planned on going Friday after my classes, but ended up leaving Thursday night since I really wanted to see my mom.

I spent Friday doing homework, since my mom had meetings all day, but one of her coworkers brought breakfast up to me while I was sleeping so I wouldn't starve. Maybe it's San Diego, or maybe it's the hotel, but wherever this fruit is from, it was delicious.

We were right next to the trolley station, so this was our view! I also did some grocery shopping since there was a Foods 4 Less right there, and all I could really get were items I couldn't put in the fridge. I also did some business shopping, since my sorority meetings require business attire. My dad also flew in late Friday afternoon, which was great because I missed him a lot too. 

Saturday morning the three of us went and saw Dylan O'Brien's (aka my obsession) new movie The Maze Runner. My mom really liked it, since she was the only one of us who hadn't read the books. I was kind of disappointed that they didn't really keep to the story, but overall it was a good movie.

That night we also went to a Padre's game vs The Giants! It was super great since we were pretty close, but unfortunately the Giants lost. The stadium was nice once you were actually seated, but it was so confusing finding our way around! After the game the band O.A.R. played a concert on the field. Their most famous song is called Shattered, which I'm sure most of you have heard. Other than that, I hadn't really heard many of their other songs, so we decided to call it a night after 3 songs. 

I left for school Sunday morning since I had a sorority meeting that afternoon, but I loved seeing my parents and am missing them already!

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