The Truth Behind Instagram Photos

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Everyone knows Instagram is a place where you put your best self. It's the persona you would love to be, the pictures that seem effortless yet really took a hundred takes, the food that looks amazing but was actually the worst. I've seen a lot of bloggers showing the backstory to some of their posts lately, and I wanted to give it a try.

Lets start this whole thing with what Instagram is most famous for, the selfie. I took this one in Disneyland last spring. My hair was greasy, so I angled it where you couldn't see the worst of it. I stabbed myself with the eyeliner before getting it to look this nice. It was hot, and I was dripping sweat after a long day of Disney. I took this in a secluded corner so that I wasn't going to be judged for taking a selfie in public, although my friend Nicole was there with me and laughing and making me feel ridiculous while I was doing it. This was probably the 30th try for a good picture, and my mouth was starting to hurt from all the posed smiling. But hey, the picture looks good right?

I'm going to say first and foremost that this was the best ice cream I've ever had. However, taking this picture was annoying. I was in Virginia City, an old mining town in Nevada that is filled with tourists, and the blue stripes were outside someone's store. The stripes were a tiny little patch, so I had to sink down into a position where it looked like it covered the whole picture, and then move so I wasn't in the way of other people walking by. People were staring at me, my ice cream was melting into my hand since it was around 100 degrees, and my parents just kept walking away so they wouldn't be associated with me. Also I was really embarrassed that my nails weren't painted and they looked so bad in this photo. 

I had just bought new bed sheets, pillows, and a comforter, and was very excited to take a picture of it. It was so neat and clean until my black cat jumped on it, started rolling around, and claimed it was his own. There was fur everywhere, and he wouldn't move, so I started lint rolling around him. He thought this was a game and tried to swipe at me with his claws. I took the picture and had to snap my fingers or move my hand by my phone multiple times to get him to look at me. Good picture, but not what I was preparing for. Also these pillows got thrown off right after because they were annoying me when I was trying to sleep. I will always be a single pillow type of girl. 

Wow, look how classy I look. Despite one of my hashtags claiming that I forgot I owned this ring, no I did not. I totally put it on to show my followers how cute it is. I also painted my nails red to look classier for this picture. My hand kept looking stupid no matter the placement, and I had originally planned to have it just resting on my desk, but it looked so huge that way. I took several pictures of it with me smiling with my hand next to my face, and near my computer, but eventually decided on within the closet because the dark background made it pop. 

Those are the ones that I could even remember the story for them, but basically everything you see on my Instagram is 100% planned out, organized, and thoughtfully arranged so it looks good. My whole Instagram life is a lie! Just kidding, but still, there's a lot of unsaid things that go into these pictures. Not everything is as perfect as people make it seem on Instagram, or any social media for that matter. You may see some girl's selfies all over Facebook or Twitter and wonder how she looks so good, well I guarantee she's not taking one shot and looking amazing. She probably spends way too much time primping herself until everything is flawless (not that that's a bad thing, because it feels great to look great), just know many things aren't what they seem. 

I would love to be linked to some of your Instagram profiles! I love following new people, and love seeing how other people live their lives!
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