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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Working Out Doesn't Have to be Boring

Lets be honest, working out is a drag, but it's essential to keep you mentally and physically healthy. Unless you're one of those people who "gets a high off of their morning run"(All my respect goes to those of you who feel like this) then you're probably like me who struggles to make it to the gym 3-5 times a week and looks at the treadmill like it's your middle school yearbook picture.

But, if you want to look and feel great, you've gotta find a way to get through those workouts. This summer I've definitely been more serious about getting in shape, and I've gotten through some tough and sweaty days by using these tips!

1. Dress to Impress....well, kinda

I'm all for going to the gym in basketball shorts and an oversized t-shirt, but I feel a lot better about myself when I'm working out in a cute yet functional outfit! Bright tank tops and soft leggings/yoga pants not only make you feel happier, but give you a great boost of confidence (I'm pretty sure my butt looks ten times better in yoga pants, guys). These tanks from Old Navy are on sale for $10! I have 3 of the colors and they are super comfy, flattering, and hide the thick straps of sports bras with the pretty knotted racerback design. Plus theres a huge variety of colors, so anyone can find something they like. Old Navy also has great yoga pants that are fitted yet extremely comfortable. Here are two of my favorites from the store right now: 1 2.

2. Go on a mini adventure.

Working out does not have to take place in a boring old gym! Find a hiking spot with beautiful views, walk or jog to the top of a hill, take a fabulous instagram picture and brag about how healthy you're being. Seeing some likes from your friends may inspire you to go to more hiking spots in your area!

 I recently went hiking with my dad and along the way we found this beautiful water temple! All you have to do is google hiking trails near your city and go on a little adventure to see something new.

3. Music is key.

If I don't have music when I'm exercising I get bored and want to quit about ten minutes in. I work best with upbeat songs that keep me going whether I'm going on a run or lifting some weights. Or just get some music that you love and dance your heart out in your room! Dancing is excellent cardio (which is the best way to burn fat) and is one of my favorite methods of working out.

Here are some of my current favorite songs to get me moving:

3. Hooked on a Feeling - Blue Suede (Guardians of the Galaxy got me hooked on this song!)

4. Sign up for a group class.

Most group classes have an instructor that are there to keep you motivated and keep things exciting. They're also a great way to meet new people (yay new friends!) and socializing will keep you distracted  from the actual exercise. Don't just join the first class you hear of however, really look around and see what type of class you think you would have the most fun in. If you like to dance try zumba, if you want to relax go for yoga, if you want to have super awesome legs go for a spin class! Any class you decide to try, put your effort in and you'll have a blast!

5. Incorporate it into your everyday life.

Again, exercising doesn't have to take place in a gym, or even outside of your home! Some ways to burn some calories without leaving your house include gardening, cleaning and organizing your room (please tell me I'm not the only one who loves to organize things!), window shopping at your local mall, and walking up and down stairs. Other fun, but not so typical ways to work out include going golfing, playing frisbee with your dog, or even driving around town (squeeze your glutes and hold for 10 seconds continuously the whole way home and you're burning a few calories!) These may not be so typical, but they get some form of calorie burning without taking the extra time out of your day. 

Those are just a few ways to get yourself motivated to get out and have some fun while getting active! Another personal tip of mine is to imagine your favorite celebrities and how fabulous you will look standing next to them if you keep up a good workout schedule. Although I can only hope to have the confidence of Beyoncé, I won't get there if I don't get off my butt and push myself!

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