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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Dorm Room Tour!

I've spent the last few days moving in to my new dorm apartment, and as much as I want to say it's been fun, it hasn't. I do love good organization, but this my friends, was organization overload. I still have clothes I need to fold that I've shoved in drawers and odds and ends that need to find their place, but right now, I think I'm ready to show you all my room! My roommate had a late start moving in, and she is bringing our bathroom items, and our kitchen/living room (since we are in a dorm apartment) is super messy still, so I'll save those areas for a later post. Sorry in advance for the not-so-high-quality pictures! P.S. If you want to see some pictures of my room last year, head to my instagram!

My lovely bed! When I moved in it was incredibly high, and I had to use a stool to get on it! My parents helped me lower it, and now I don't feel like I might break something if I fall off in the middle of the night. You can see one of the paintings I put on the blog! Next to that is my "Nothing Will Work Unless You Do" Canvas that was my first blog DIY, and underneath that is my printer and dresser, nothing worth showcasing here. As I said in a previous post, a body pillow is a must! In fact, it blocks an opening at the end of the bed where my pillow would probably end up slipping down. I'm also a fan of having art, not necessarily big posters in my room, so last year I bought the Venice Pictures and the New York large canvas. The bedspread is also from last year, but the sheets are new!

I'm in love with my throw pillows from last year! I wish I could buy all of the travel themed pillows! There's literally so many of them

Here's another DIY that I made for my room! I found the tutorial on Pinterest! Go here to make your own with your home state!

In about a week my desk will be utter chaos, but look how pretty it is right now! Of course I had to put up some pictures of Dylan O'brien because, well, I'm obsessed. :) On my desk you'll spot a lovely candle from one of my roommates, my Kate Spade Planner, a DIY calendar (here's a tutorial, although mine is different as I didn't have Pantone paint chips. AKA mine was more of a challenge!), my eiffel tower desk lamp(no longer available), and a file organizer because, who knows, I might file things this year.  My mom also gave me a cork board that she had lying around, and I've already started putting pictures on it!

Here's a look inside my desk just to show you how I organized it. I realize now that I have a bunch of pens, and my mom shoved a bunch of handy computer wipes into the left side of my desk organizer!

Kind of a lame picture, but here's my ottoman and rug ( I promise it's the picture that makes the rug look dirty, in real life it's a nice ombre! Here's a similar one, although it's more expensive) and a big vase I got for cheap at Marshalls that I'm using to collect spare change. 

And of course, last but not least, my wardrobe full of clothes! I color coded everything and put my extra drawers in there as well as my textbooks.

This apartment has a huge amount of space compared to my dorm room last year. I actually have too much storage area!! I'm excited to get everything finalized here and can't wait to show you the finished space soon!

I'd love to see how you decorate your dorm! Tell me about it in the comments, post to instagram/tweet me pictures using the hashtag #theclassicbrunette, or send me an email at! 


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