Halloween Activities For 2020

by The Classic Brunette, 7:47:00 PM


Halloween is my second favorite holiday and just because we have to abide by some new guidelines doesn't mean I'll be skipping out on all the fun activities! It just means I'll have to change things up a bit. You can still do almost ALL your favorite fall and spooky themed things, it just might take a little more prep and planning than other years. Social distanced events are a bit of a bummer, but they can also still be a ton of fun! I'm sharing my favorite ways to celebrate spooky season this year while still making sure you can keep yourself and others safe. 

How I Organize My Makeup

by The Classic Brunette, 12:00:00 AM

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So I posted a photo of my beauty setup on Instagram and to my surprise it got a lot of engagement, even after not really being active for a long time! A few of you asked where I got my organization items, and I figured why not write a post about my organization in general. Most items I've had for a few years because why spend more money if I don't need to update it? Acrylic is still totally "in" and honestly is a very convenient way to store my makeup while still being able to see everything. I also played around with a few other storage organizers before these, but nothing was ever big enough to hold everything!

Recent Wardrobe Purchases

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In my move I set aside a ton of clothes that are no longer my style, no longer fit, or I just don't wear enough. While doing this I noticed a few basics I was lacking in my closet, or a few pieces that I needed to replace. And of course while shopping for those I had to add a few other trendy things to my basket ;). If you're interested, I'm selling a ton of my clothes and shoes on my Poshmark! As I always say, I'm trying not to spend too much, especially because I realized I have SO. MANY. CLOTHES. Like an insane amount. Although justifiably half are for my blogging, or so I tell myself haha. Either way, you know I don't like to spend a crazy amount of money if I don't have to. So here are some of the pieces that are on the way to me or are currently in my cart! 

I'm Building A House!

by The Classic Brunette, 12:00:00 AM

I've mentioned this on my Instagram a bit, but I'm building a small house here in California! I haven't shared too many details, but as my plans have been closer to finalizing, I wanted to give a brief overview of the house and my vision of it. Above you can see the most up to date drawing of the house! There are still some things that need tweaking based on city requirements. The exterior design has to match the main house (this is actually an ADU/mother in law unit), but I'll be making it fit my style as much as possible! The inside is my dream design, but on a budget. Although I'll be living here for many years, the main house on the property that I inherited after my parents (that is currently in desperate need of renovation and used to belong to my grandma) will eventually be my forever home. At least that's the plan for now! But, for that reason I'm not investing in the interior as a forever home, but more as a functional and pretty cheaper side property.

How Texas Forced Me To Grow

by The Classic Brunette, 10:12:00 PM
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I wasn't sure if I was going to share this post, but the more I've been thinking about it the more I believe these kinds of personal posts are more important to share than ever. The idea for this post came about when I was at my last in person therapy appointment a few weeks ago and she asked how I felt about my time in Texas. Even though my time in Dallas was brief at just a year and a half (although longer than my 8 months in Seattle!) it had helped me grow in more ways than I thought. Before coming to Texas I knew I was on the right path to understanding myself more and getting to a better state of mind and living, but I didn't realize how far there still was to go. This year alone has been absolutely insane in all kinds of ways. 2020 made my time in Texas drastically change in that I decided to move 6-8months earlier than scheduled (I was planning on coming to California in February!) and was filled with loneliness rather than goodbye brunches. Moving here was my first time living alone, my first time moving somewhere without knowing someone in the city, and many other firsts and other experiences that shaped me going forward. Like all my personal posts, these experiences are personal to me, but I feel contain some important "lessons" or realizations that can help not only myself but others to grow.