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Monday, September 23, 2019

How To Buy Fake Louis Vuitton On Amazon And Is It Worth It - Neverfull Review

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Hey y'all it has been quite a long time since making a post on here, about three months in fact! What can I say besides life gets in the way and sometimes that comes first. I love to be open on here, so maybe I'll share more in a future post. For now, let's move on to...buying fake designer bags on Amazon! If you search on Amazon for fake bags you'll have a lot of luck, if you know how to look that is. In this post I'll be sharing the fake Louis Vuitton Neverfulls that I own, how I found them, and the pros and cons of ordering these bags on Amazon!

How To Find The Bag/A Reputable Seller

Finding a good bag on Amazon can honestly be draining! You want to make sure you're not wasting your money on a bag that won't look anything like the original, or worse, a bag not arriving at all! Now, if you want to skip this whole section and just go ahead and click the links I provided for you (all sellers who show signs of being reputable! But of course I can't guarantee anything) that's fine! But I want to provide info for those of you who want to do your own research for other bags!

You're going to search through the Women's Handbags and Wallet departments and the thing is, you won't actually be using the designer's brand name when searching. If you know the name of the bag you want (in this case: Neverfull) you want to search that next to things like "dupe" "monogram" "tote" "1:1" Those are the terms that showed the most results during my research.

The first thing you want to look for is a bag with either the "Louis Luitton" icons on the bag (on the checkered bags it will be written out, in the monogram bags it will have the LVs). These will either be shown on the photos as a traditional LV bag, or more than likely they will be blurred out or there will be text on the photo indicating that the bag will be in the original pattern. This is typically a great way to tell that you'll be getting a great duplicate bag. 

Next thing is REVIEWS! This is an obvious one, but so many people either don't check the reviews or the bags don't have any reviews at all. Bad reviews and no reviews are big red flags. You want something reliable! Never order a fake bag unless it has 4 or 5 stars! The best bags are the ones who have multiple reviews with photos.

One other thing to remember is that these sellers can disappear FAST. They pop up and away so quickly that if you find a bag with good reviews and a good price, go for it!

The best of these fake bags truly look almost identical to the designer bags!! It's almost crazy to me that they can look this good. My best bag I ordered is my monogram tote (unfortunately the sellers for all of my bags are gone!). It looks, feels, and even smelled just like the original. My white Neverfull on the other hand, definitely had some tells. Best case scenario is that you get an amazing duplicate purse that looks almost identical to the original! But some differences can easily be seen in these bags:


When you open some of these bags you can automatically tell it's a fake. There's quite a strong plastic smell, but luckily if you happen to get unlucky in this department the smell SHOULD go away! Air out the bag for a few days and hope for the best.

Texture & Stitching

The Louis Vuitton leather is pebbled and has a distinct feel to it, and as you can tell by the photos above the fabric on my bags is indeed pebbled! But on bad fakes, this could easily be overlooked. Another thing often overlooked? The stitching. Poor stitching is very common and can show up as either fraying, or uneven patterns/lines. 

Small Details

Many fake bags on Amazon miss the small details! My bags all have the tiny LV icons and detailing, and my white bag even has a fake serial number. My brown bag came with a beautiful dust bag (actually pictured with the white bag above!) and a small Louis Vuitton booklet as well. 


The coloring is another easy thing to get wrong. Typically in a good fake you'll have a great color on the main canvas, but other colors that can be off are on the stitching, the inside and the red lining.


If the bags don't come well packaged, they're decently easy to scuff up. Luckily most of these scuffs can be cleaned/buffed off, but some cant. Other times you can have marks from whatever printing they do for the color. Part of my white bag has some red from the lining on the handle.

These are the most common things that can go wrong when purchasing a fake, but I'm sure there are some unfortunate other mistakes that can occur too!

Would you buy a designer fake off of Amazon?

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