The Classic Brunette: September 2017

Thursday, September 21, 2017

How To Update Your Bedroom Without Spending A Lot Of Money

Am I the only one who gets that itch to change up their bedroom decor every few months or so? It's never because I hate what I have been living with, but I just get bored with staring at the same exact space for months on end. This was especially true for when I lived in the dorms at school, as I would typically bring in the same stuff that I chose freshman year on a whim but didn't actually love. Since living in a house things have been better. I have more space to decorate, had a fresh start to really pick out things I love (like my duvet cover!), and felt like I had a place that was actually mine. But that want to change things up a bit was still there, however I don't want to spend a fortune decorating and redecorating every few months, that would just be ridiculous. I've found a few ways to get around dropping a ton of cash and wanted to share them with you in case you are in the same boat!

Monday, September 4, 2017

HUGE August Instagram Roundup + Giveaway!

You may have read my last post all about how I'm trying to love Instagram again, so with that and the start of September I thought an Instagram roundup was in order. I'm sharing everything from the month of August, but if you want to be the first to see these photos you can go ahead and follow me on Insta if you'd like! Let's get started, because it's going to be a long one! P.S. Sorry some of these photos are blurry, I took them straight from Instagram and they don't always translate to the blog well!

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