The Classic Brunette: My Best Bloopers

Monday, August 28, 2017

My Best Bloopers

As a blogger I try to make myself look as put together and stylish as possible. It's our job as bloggers to look like we have effortless lives where we never so much as have a hair out of place, however that is SO not how our lives work. For every post that I'll actually be featured in (mostly outfit posts) on average I'll take 50 or so photos with maybe 7-10 ones that I look good in. Most are not flattering or don't portray the look I was going for, but on occasion there will be a few great pics that make me double over laughing. Sometimes these photos are a little more common than normal because I'm by no means a professional model! Although I've definitely gotten better, my blooper skills are still pretty strong, haha.

These photos are all from within the last year and a half, so they're pretty recent. I love to laugh at myself, and honestly most of the time I'll show these bloopers to friends and family because I think I'm just hilarious. I hope you find these as funny as I do, because some of these are pretty embarrassing! 😂  But I'm giving you full permission to laugh at all of these, so enjoy them!

Original Post: Didn't make it to TCB! 

You know that feeling when you've got lipstick on your teeth? Yeah, this is that captured in a photo.

Original Post: Casual Fall Outfit Look

A common occurrence in these bloopers is that one of my eyes is a little slow to move with the other so I end up looking two different ways. It's a bit creepy!

Photo 1: There are these nasty bugs in Orange County that look like a mix between spiders and crickets and they love to jump around and gross me out. The outcome is this face.

Photo 2: One of our "test lighting" shots.

Here comes the sneeze!

In the blogging world time is money! Just kidding, I was just itching my arm.

When the school says you still have to pay the rest of your tuition.

Original Post: Never Made it to TCB!

This is what happens when I have to wake up at 6:30am for blog photos and get angry at the world for being up so early. 

Original Post: Blue Striped Top

I'm pretty sure this is what I look like when I'm talking too fast...

Original Post: All White Summer Outfit

Photo 1: "Oh I'm the best fashion blogger! Hahaha!"

Photo 2: I honestly can't even be sure what I was doing here.

My latest blooper! Sometimes those throat drops are just too good and your eyes go a little crazy. 

Do you have any good blooper stories/photos? I think it's so fun to look at other people's not-so-perfect moments like these! Also, I love doing those "caption this" games for photos, so I would love to hear what you would caption some of these in the comments! 


  1. Too funny! I love bloopers! I think people should use them more often :)

  2. What a fun post idea! I LOVE these bloopers. Too cute

  3. You are so cute girl and these bloopers were fun to look through! Thanks for sharing ❤️ xo

  4. Oh my god this post was hilarious! Love that you're keeping it real on your blog!

  5. omg I can't stop giggling!! these are amazing!!! hahah love it!! such a great concept for a post.

  6. These are so cute and funny! this is exactly why I am not in Fashion, I would need to take 200 photos just to get 3 nice looking ones.

  7. Oh these are great! and those orange county bugs are the worst!!

  8. Woah! Adorable and funny! Haha! I enjoyed this post so much.

  9. Hahaha I love this! This post is perfect

  10. So true!!! And actually there's a lot of times I'll find the best pics in shots where I wasn't even trying to pose!

    Grace |

  11. Hahhaa I need to do a post like this! I have a ton of funny ones hahaha

    Iliana |

  12. What a fun collection of photos! I love candid photography so much more than staged.

  13. These are awesome! Thank you for the reality check. I could fill a book with all my bloopers.

  14. Why do you still look so cute in all of these bloopers?! Most of mine are me making weird faces or flailing my arms because I have no idea what to do with my hands. Haha.

    XO, SS || Seersucker Sass

  15. omg this is amazing!! thanks for sharing, really bought a smile to my face, but also, it's so real xD

  16. This is so cute! I need to put mine together! LOL

    xo, L

  17. This is hilarious! We were planning on doing this at the end of the year!

  18. This is too funny!! I love looking at all the blooper photos I have on my computer from blogging. Proof that blogging is not always as easy, or glamours, as it looks- haha! ;) XO

  19. Story of my life girl! I sometimes have more bloopers than pictures I actually like

    - xo, Azanique |

  20. This is too funny! You are adorable!


  21. I always laugh when I review shots of my #ootds & see my own bloopers - you're the best for sharing yours! I love the BTS feel. x, nicole //

  22. This is TOO funny! What a great post idea.

    xoxo, Paige

  23. Hahaha, love these! I definitely relate more to real moments than staged moments, no matter how pretty styled and posed photos are!

  24. You are so adorable! I love seeing other bloggers bloopers.

    Greta |

  25. I so appreciate you for posting this. I think fashion bloggers especially are expected to be "on" all the time, and it contributes to a seriously inauthentic view at life and blogging!
    Tori || Victori Media


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