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Thursday, December 22, 2016

What To Wear On New Years Eve

You might see the title of this post and go "Sami, it's not even Christmas yet! Why are you writing about New Years?" Well, if I waited until after Christmas you wouldn't have time to get one of these perfect New Years dresses/outfits in time, silly! I've rounded up my favorite ones for all occasions, so no matter what your plans are, you'll have a killer outfit! I don't currently have any plans for New Years this year, so it looks like I'll be watching the ball drop from my house in my PJs (don't worry, I've picked out a few cute sets if you're doing the same). 

Fancy Event

I think fancier parties and outings definitely call for sequins and longer dresses. Although there are a bunch of shorter dresses in this roundup, they still give off a classier vibe. I've never been to an event that calls for this type of dress, but a girl can dream!

A Night Out 

I'm assuming this is what the majority of you all will be doing on NYE! Whether you're going out to a club, a concert, an outdoor festival (what I did last year!) or just headed out for a late dinner and celebratory drink, these fun pieces will be perfect. I'm so tempted to get a pair of sequin leggings...they just look so fun!

Casual Event

Headed to a friend's house party this year? Why not wear a crushed velvet dress, a nice sweater dress, or something even more casual like denim (anyone else a huge fan of denim dresses?). If you're going to a casual party or get together with family or friends, comfort is definitely the way to go! But just because you're comfortable doesn't mean you have to give up your style 😉

A Night At Home

Is there anything better than spending an evening cozying up on the couch in some pretty pajamas? If you're a homebody, or just happen to have no plans like myself, watching the ball drop from the comfort of your own home is your go to choice this year! I personally enjoy having a year off from the mayhem of New Years, plus it means I can head to bed whenever I want the festivities to end!

What are your plans for New Years Eve? 


  1. I love you pjs pick! This year I'm going to be going out with two of my best girlfriends to the bars in our hometown, so it's extremely low-key! At some point my goal is to attend a black-tie affair on New years eve! Love the sequin pants!

  2. I LOVE that you included a night at home! That's pretty much what I'll be doing this year. Happy holidays!

  3. I'm going to a Black Tie event for NYE this year so I'm definitely feeling a sparkly outfit!! Great picks girl!

    xoxo A

  4. Fancy event it is this New Years!I am going with a huge group and hoping to color coordinate yet go for all bling!!

  5. I love sparkly, glittery outfits - and they're perfect for New Years. :) Thanks for sharing!

  6. Great suggestions! I love that you included pajamas!

  7. I love anything glitter or sequin for NYE! These are all great picks!

  8. I am a huge sucker for sequin pants!!! They are the best thing for NYE:)

    xoxo, Hannah

  9. Love this! I'm having a casual get together with friends and I think I'm going with a velvet swing dress similar to the one you linked. New Years Eve is one of my favorite days of the year!

    Cristina /

  10. I love all of your options! I have no idea what to wear for NYE and your suggestions are so helpful.

    Greta |

  11. I don't know what our NYE plans are this year and it's killing me! I hate that I can't lock down an outfit even if it is early hah! The pjs are looking pretty promising right about now!

    xo Ashley

  12. oh my gosh I love the PJ options! so cute! I will be heading to seattle for NYE this year!

  13. Those jammies are so cute! The plaid ones are my fave!

  14. Haha Sami you made my chuckle out loud! I LOVE that you included PJs!!! Those look super comfy too!

    Rachel | The Confused Millennial

  15. So many great sequin options! Love that gold crop top best! Would look awesome with black pants!!

  16. So many cute options! I'll be outdoors this year, so that long sleeve velvet dress you posted about paired with some leggings could be the perfect option!

    XO, SS || Seersucker Sass

  17. Love this post and all the options. I'm going out New years so I got some great ideas from here!

  18. So many great options. If I were going out, I would totally do velvet but I will be rocking the pjs.

    La Belle Sirene 

  19. These are all great options. Personally, this year my fiancee and I will be enjoying a night in our pajamas with a bottle of champagne - I seriously can't wait!

  20. I love your picks! I'm all about the sequins or velvet - my favorites! But I really do love spending the night in in NYE some years too. So fun!


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