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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Fall Morning Routine

Let's preface this whole post by saying that I'm generally not a morning person. While I love to sleep in, that hasn't really been an option since my internal alarm clock always wakes me up around 8am every day. I blame it on the job I had this summer where I had to start every day at 7am! So my sleeping in is limited to the weekends (when I'm lucky enough to fall back asleep). Waking up early does have its advantages though, because I tend to be more productive when I get my butt out of bed earlier in the morning! And with the cooler weather coming in I love getting cozy in the mornings by lighting a fall candle and looking out of my window to a nice gray sky (my favorite!) while hanging out in my comfy PJs.

This is the general routine I stick to on weekday mornings when I have classes. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays I have a class from 9-9:50 so the schedule just gets pushed back an hour or so until I come back home. On weekends I do try to sleep in a little bit, but lately I haven't been able to fall back asleep past 9:30!

8:00 am Wakeup

Like I said, my internal alarm is set to somewhere between 8-8:30am, so getting up this early isn't all that difficult when I wake up on my own. I normally spend a few minutes just laying in bed, stretching a little, and adjusting to waking up. I normally like to keep a water bottle on my nightstand to drink from, since I'm always so thirsty in the morning! Once I make it out of bed I light one of my candles to get myself in a cozy mood. Lately this pumpkin cupcake scent has been my favorite. 

Also, yes, that is a Fluffy stuffed animal. I just got it as a gift from my Dad when my family went to Harry Potter World in Florida a few weeks ago. It's so cute and it makes a snoring sound that scares the bajeezus out of our dog Mowgli, it's pretty funny to watch him get mad at it! I like to keep it on my bed though as a nice little reminder of home. :)

8:15 am Brush Teeth/Wash Face

I honestly really look forward to washing my teeth and face in the morning. I love when my mouth feels extra clean, and sleeping always leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth. So after I light my candle I head straight for the sink to brush and mouthwash. 

After brushing my teeth I'll reach for my facial cleanser. I was recently gifted the Clarisonic Mia 2 Deep Pore Kit and I've been using it for two weeks now every day. I've been putting this little device through the ringer lately since my skin has been extra stressful due to midterms and papers! Normally during midterm season I get a lot more acne than normal and my skin starts to lose its natural "glow" so to speak. Although using the Clarisonic definitely didn't stop all the pimples from popping up (what can ya do?) it did still make my face look and feel better than I had been expecting. The kit came with a daily facial cleanser as well as a clay mask, and I've been switching between the two each day and I love them both!

The device is so gentle on the skin, and that's saying something because for some reason I was terrified the Clarisonic was going to rip off a layer of skin, don't ask me why. Anyway, my fear was totally irrational and using it feels just like you're rubbing in a face scrub, although the device does all the cleansing work for you. The Mia 2 has a pre-set timer for one minute, and washing my face has seriously never been easier/quicker. I think this would be the perfect gift for yourself if you're in the market for a new facial cleansing system, especially if you have sensitive skin and are afraid of devices that are too aggressive!

After washing my face I sometimes like to hop in the shower and rinse my face, but if I decide not to shower or it's the day where I have my 9am class I'll just rinse my face in the sink to get the remainder of the cleanser off. Then, because my skin is on the dryer side I also use a little non-scented lotion on my face to rehydrate after using my Clarisonic.

P.S. If you're tempted to buy one of these little life savers they're 15% off through the end of October with the code HERCAMPUS!

8:30 am Apply Makeup

I definitely don't wear a full face of makeup everyday, but I do wear eyeshadow, mascara and occasionally lipstick on a regular basis. It really doesn't take me that long to go through my makeup routine, since I typically do the same daytime look. It may take me an extra minute or two if I do something different, but my makeup routine normally lasts me under 5 minutes each morning. My go to look is a few of the neutral shades from my Naked Palette and then a few swipes of Urban Decay's Perversion mascara.

8:35 am Eat Breakfast

I love carbs at all hours of the day, but mostly during breakfast. Potatoes, toast, bagels, etc I will eat it. Normally I have some form of carbs and some sort of fruit in the morning if I have the time to actually make a meal for myself. On the days where I'm running out the door I'll either quickly eat a bowl of cereal (Weetabix or Captain Crunch if you're curious!) or grab a Luna Bar. 

9:00 am Blog Work

I like to spend at least a small part of my morning catching up with blog stuff. I'll start by checking and answering emails from my work email and then move into social media. I go through my Facebook groups, go through Instagram and engage with other bloggers, and comment on other blogs. If I've launched a post that day (every Monday and Thursday, woohoo!) then I'll promote the post on social media a few times in the morning. If I have a lot of extra time I'll start taking Instagram photos for the next few days while the sun isn't too harsh coming through my bedroom window. Sometimes I just am overwhelmed with blog work, and I have to start working on it as soon as I get up or I'll push back a few things to make sure I get caught up on everything that needs to be done!

10 am Get Dressed and Prep For Class

I normally either have my outfits planned ahead of time if I want to look a little more put together or have something special going on that day, or I just throw on a pair of leggings and a comfy top if I'm headed out for a long day of classes or errands. Right after I get dressed I head downstairs pack up my backpack or purse with whatever notebooks and supplies I need and I'm off for the day!

What's your typical morning routine?

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  1. Love the Clarisonic, it's the best for an AM routine!

  2. I'm always so curious about people's routines! Thank you for sharing! (I love that Naked palette too! it's the best!)

  3. I love seeing other people's routines, it gives me inspiration to change mine up a bit! And I need to try some of these products!

  4. I love my clarisonic! Its in my morning routine as well!

  5. Love this...I stay on a schedule in the mornings cause it helps me to be much more productive. Love my Mia 2 also-nothing like it!

  6. So great that you can get up early naturally! I need to work on that lol

  7. You are seriously gorgeous without a stitch of makeup on! Also love those flannel pj's!

  8. I haven't tried the Clarisonic yet and am dying to try it. I'll definitely check this one out. Naked Palette is my go to palette. Love Urban Decay!

  9. I always think about starting a morning routine but of course for me it would be more like an early afternoon routine, but still. You've inspired me to get it going!

  10. Love this! I've been working toward being better at taking care of my skin. I'm honestly so lazy, but am realizing how important it is and what a difference it makes to take care of your skin! A lesson I wish I'd learned a long time ago. You're post was encouraging to keep me working at it! :) xx, E

  11. I just got a Clarisonic and I am obsessed. Such a great think to add to any morning routine. I love how you wake up and do your blog work first thing! I need to implement that.


  12. I love the clarisonic! I used to have one but I let it go to the wayside and now I need to get another one!

  13. Clarisonic is an amazing brand. I do need to take better care of my face. I've been slacking lately especially with the change in weather.


  14. I love a peek into people's routines! Thanks for sharing!

  15. It sounds like you have a great routine-I love your makeup pallet!

  16. I used to use a Clarisonic religiously, but made the mistake of not taking it with me when I moved off to college. I love reading about other bloggers routines, so I absolutely loved this post :)

    XO, SS || Seersucker Sass

  17. Lovely! Your photos are beautiful also. I totally need to kick my morning routine back into gear!

  18. I've got the same Clarisonic and it's SO FABULOUS! Totally agree with you girlfriend. Gentle enough, that I use it everyday!

    Coming Up Roses

  19. A morning routine is essential for a productive day. I envy yours. I have three kids, so my morning starts at 5 am!

  20. I love reading routine posts! So jealous you sleep in till 8!


  21. So obsessed with my Clarisonic! You look way more graceful than I do when using it...I'm like a soapy mess with my hair all crazy haha :)

    Cristina /

  22. This is great! Thanks for sharing!

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls

  23. Loved reading and seeing your routine-- your skin looks AMAZING!


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