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Monday, February 1, 2016

Best Gifts For Valentine's Day

I love Valentines Day. Even though I've never had a significant other to share it with, my parents always made it a special day while growing up. Before school they would give my sister and I a little stuffed animal or box of candy and a card. I'm so happy my family made this day special for my sister and I because it never made me feel like I was missing out on anything. I've never had a boyfriend on Valentine's Day, or ever for that matter, but I still have a special place in my heart for Valentine's Day. My parents kind of instilled in me that Valentine's Day isn't just a day for your boyfriend or girlfriend, but a day to celebrate everyone you love, and I think that's a great way for everyone to look at the holiday.

Last year my friends and I had a Galentines Day, and I think we're planning on doing the same this year. You don't have to give gifts to let people know that you care about them. (Although it doesn't hurt!) Just a simple card or a little bit of candy to say you're thinking about your friends on this day is a great reminder of your love for them. For the past few years my mom has even sent little bags of candy for me to hand out to my roommates, and I know they appreciate it. A little goes an awful long way, and I think it's never a bad thing to show that you care for someone.

However, if you're in the mood for some bigger gifts, I've got my gift guide for you! I love getting fuzzy socks, just because I like to slide around on my hard floor with them, and they're so dang soft. And I can never complain about getting nail polish as a gift since I paint my nails so often. My favorites here though are the Lips and Lashes tee and the Daisy Eau So Fresh perfume!


  1. I love Valentine's Day! I'll be baking gifts for my girlfriends. Those socks are so cute!

    1. That's what I did a few years ago! It's such a great idea, plus who doesn't love baked goods?!

  2. this is such an adorable guide! I love that Daisy perfume, I recently got it for Christmas! x ,kenz


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