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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Behind The Scenes: What Goes Into Making A Blog Post

I've been wanting to write one of these behind the scenes posts for a while now, but what really drove me to write it out was a chat I was having with some blogger friends about the things bloggers are tired of hearing. One of the things that got brought up multiple times was the idea that running a blog is easy and takes no time at all. 

I've been hearing this since the start of my blogging career, and it's something that makes me and other bloggers feel hurt and disrespected. Blogging, although fun and rewarding, is also stressful and time consuming. It's more than just a hobby for consistent bloggers, it's actually more like a part time (or sometimes full time) job.

I love when people say they want to start a blog, but what kills me is that the people who say this don't realize how much work really goes into the blogging process. I encourage everyone to start a blog if they want to! However, I want to accurately portray just how much effort goes into what I and so many others do. So I thought that I would take you all behind the scenes and show you what my process is like for producing a blog post.

I always start my blogging process by brainstorming post ideas. Sometimes I get random ideas from everyday inspiration, but a lot of the time I end up sitting down for however long it takes and make a list of blog post ideas. Some of them I use, some of them get tossed aside never to be seen again (that sounds dramatic haha). 

After deciding on the focus of the post I take pictures that relate. If it's an outfit post, something I haven't done in a while, I either have someone take pictures of my or figure out the best way to use my camera/phone's self timer to take my own outfit pictures. If it's something having to do with school I might set up my desk to look a certain way or maybe I'll take some pictures while I'm on campus. Whatever the post is about, I'll try my best to take pictures that relate to the subject. If what I'm writing about is more of a general thing, kind of like this post, I'll use a picture that I have in my phone archives and edit it with a title. 

Speaking of putting titles on posts, I spend a lot of time making all sorts of graphics for my blog. The majority of my posts either have a title image or a graphic (things like clothes, monthly favorites, products I'm using, etc.) and it takes so much effort to make them! From just looking at the pictures it seems like I just can put some words on a picture and then stick it on the blog, but it's a lot more work than that. The title photos are definitely on the easier side since I don't have to create an actual image, but for the graphics it's a lot harder and can take me up to two hours (on occasion it's been longer...) to finish a single image.

For example, let's use this graphic from my perfect Fall Bucket List post.

This was probably one of the most difficult graphics I've made for my blog. I had to gather the perfect images, (aka ones that were on mostly white backgrounds and were the right size to fit on the side) edit the images, add text, and then move everything around. As for editing the images I use PicMonkey (Photoshop continues to confuse me), I have to remove all other backgrounds that aren't the main image, resize, and then sometimes I change colors to make everything look more collective. 

For this particular graphic I had to put all the images on first and organize it so they are all a similar or relative size. Since I knew the text was going down the middle, I had to make sure I could fit each bucket list item on one line while still having all the images fit on the side. I had to type out each item, make sure they could all fit within the borders set by the images, and then adjust either the words or the images that were throwing the whole graphic off. Then my OCD really kicked in because I had to make sure there was an even space between the listed items, something you have to do by eye, because there isn't a way for the computer to do it! After everything was done, it had probably been about two hours to get it finished perfectly.

After graphics are done I have to actually write the post! Writing for me can either be a very quick or a very long process. Sometimes I'll have a post sitting as a draft with three sentences written on it for four weeks straight while I write up other posts in about an hour or less. It really depends on the content of the post, the more personal posts for example, require me to be in a specific mood to write them. Writing, for me anyway, is the best part of blogging. This seems kind of like a no brainer thing, but it's very cathartic to write everything out that you want to say, and is the least stressful thing about blogging. I love to write, one of the reasons I started blogging, so this is really my favorite part of the process. 

After doing all this I schedule the post to go live and when it does is where all the real work begins. If you thought creating the post was hard, you haven't tried promoting a post. Every form of social media is involved. The best way to promote posts for me is through Pinterest, where I pin my own images from each post to help generate an interest and hope people click through to read what I write. Twitter is another social media platform that I use daily (sometimes hourly) to promote my posts. I connect my twitter to Bloglovin (#FollowMeOnBloglovin ;) ) so the second a post goes live it updates on twitter, but after that every few hours or so I make a tweet showcasing either the most recent post or a post that hasn't been getting much love lately. 

My blog also has a Facebook page that I update every time a post goes up or I have something interesting to share for my followers. I make my post on there and then share it onto my own personal feed so that everyone I know who doesn't follow my page can see what I'm up to. Instagram is another place where I promote posts, but only when I have a good image to back it up with, otherwise I mostly stick to the other platforms. 

I'm constantly pinning and repinning images to new boards, tweeting about new and old posts, and making sure that my content doesn't get lost in the black hole that is the internet. If I counted up how much time it took to just take a picture for my Instagram it would be hours, and that's only one form of social media! There's also a lot of time spent analyzing blog statistics, but we'll save that for another time when I haven't already written an extremely long post. 

There's so much that goes into making a blog post successful, and although I love this process so much, it is something that gets frustrating and time consuming at times. When someone claims that blogging requires no work it does hurt me because I know how much effort I put into this part of my life, but I'm hoping that by sharing this whole (very lengthy) process with you, you can see care goes into each post you read on your favorite blogger's website.


  1. This is so true! People just think blogging is some simple process, but in reality, it's a full time job! I loved this post!

  2. The effort that goes into creating and promoting each blog post is insane. My boyfriend constantly asks me "How much longer?" when I'm working on blog-related things - it's not always an easy or short process, but one that I have come to (mostly) love :)

  3. This is so true! I love the process also, but it does get frustrating!


  4. So so true! I love blogging, but with a full time job and other commitments, it does get difficult to keep up sometimes.

  5. enjoyed reading this!! sooooo much goes into a blog post, and it's extremely hard to keep up! haha agree with everything!

  6. People don't realize how long it takes and what all goes into!

  7. Unless you have a blog you really don't realize how long a single blog post can take. It's a time consuming hobby but so worth it if you love it!

  8. Making blog graphics IS a lot of work!! I wish that I had gotten more experience with photoshop here in college to be able to use it more for my blog!

    xoxo A


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