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Monday, January 18, 2016

Traveling to Ireland and Scotland

I'm back from my travels! (and my blog break!) The United Kingdom was absolutely amazing, but also ridiculously tiring. I know why they say travel young, because after the first few days of walking about 7 miles a day on average, my feet, back, and shoulders were killing me. Seventeen days of this and I was ready to come back home to my nice warm bed and the comforts of home. I loved and enjoyed every minute of this experience, but am also very glad to be home. Side note, it was freezing cold the entire trip, so my attempts to put together some outfits were sadly covered by bulky jackets and extreme layering. Oh well. 

Our trip started off in Washington D.C. for a 13 hour layover where, after no sleep, we walked around some of the memorials and Smithsonian museums. We then got on our flight to Dublin and our adventure started!

The group of us who went to Ireland and Scotland!

Scarf | Jacket | Jeans | Similar Cross body

We only stayed in Dublin for two days, but we did everything we wanted to do and see in that time. Although Dublin felt a bit touristy, I really liked the city and the people were extremely friendly! We stumbled upon the old royal gardens on the last day when our plans fell through, and I'm glad we did, because that was my favorite thing we saw!

We then went on to Scotland for the next leg of our journey. The majority of our time in Scotland was spent in Edinburgh, but we took a day trip where we visited Glencoe, the Highlands, and Loch Ness. What we hadn't anticipated about Scotland was that the city basically shuts down from New Years until the 3rd, and then the 4th was a bank holiday so most things remained closed.

We celebrated New Years at the huge Hogmanay festival in Edinburgh. It was extremely crowded and terribly freezing, but it was also really fun!

The Edinburgh Castle was so beautiful. The view from the top (see below) was spectacular, and it was just so cool to see all the royal history from Scotland.

On to our day trip into the countryside...there were so many sheep! There were also some Highland Cows, which I didn't get any pictures of since we only saw them on the bus, but look them up! They're adorable and fuzzy!

We traveled through the mountains in Glencoe and only got off the bus for 5 minute picture stops since it was so cold! Fun fact: Hagrid was born in Glencoe and that's where they shot his outdoor house scenes in the Harry Potter movies! I think this was my favorite place we traveled to, because the mountains were gorgeous and quite literally were out of a scene from a movie. There were snowy mountains, green mountains, and lakes every few miles. It was truly incredible.

Finally, we ended our road trip with a rainy tour of Loch Ness. Nessy was definitely sleeping or hibernating because we couldn't catch a glimpse of her!

My next post will be about everything we saw in London for my travel course all about Harry Potter! If you have questions about my trip I would love to hear from you!

Would anyone be interested in a post just about the Warner Brothers Harry Potter Studio Tour? Because I somehow managed to take over 400 photos there...but not sure if any of you are interested in that!

On another note, this blog break of mine was way too long, but it made me realize how much I really love to write on here and share things with you all. When I had internet I was trying to look at Blogger and check my stats and saw that I had some crazy blog views happening! I have no idea what sparked this (my only lead is that a Pinterest post of mine is at 200 repins??) but I'm so glad people were excited to read what I was writing! I'm looking forward to writing new posts and connecting with readers more and I hope you continue to enjoy my posts!

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