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Monday, January 25, 2016

How To Make The Best Of Spring Semester + Freebies!

The second semester of school always seems difficult when it comes to being ready to work again. The holidays have past, and the dreaded school days are calling for us. For some college students, this semester means graduation is near, for others, the summer is so close you can taste it. Whatever this semester brings for you, it's important to get back in your routine and get you ready for a great semester. I know not everyone who reads my blog is a college student, but these tips can still relate to you if you're any kind of student, or have to get back to the start of your work week. 

Become A Morning Person

After reading Cristina's post about this the other day, I decided she was on to something. I have always been one to sleep in, but recently I've been getting up earlier, and feel like I have so much more time in my day. Since coming back from London I've been waking up early due to jet lag, and I actually feel so much more productive. The other day I woke up at 7:30 and had all of my to do list completed by 11am, I had so much free time I didn't know what to do with it. I have an 8:30am class this semester, so I would have to wake up early anyway, but starting it now has helped me adapt and feel ready to take on the day.

Buy A Calendar/Planner

I have a planner that I use constantly, and it basically keeps me sane with all the things going on with school, my social life, and everything in between. I recently got a new calendar solely for my blog from the dollar (well $1-3) section of Target, and can't wait to start using it. I wrote a post a while ago about how to organize your planner, and I still find it helpful. I also made a cute calendar for you guys to download, so no excuses!

Download your free calendar here!

Make To Do Lists

An optional thing since you already have a calendar/planner, but personally I'm a big fan of writing to do lists. I have to do lists that I write for the blog as well as regular to do lists that cover everything else. I normally have a running to do list in my head, but I always think it's best to write everything down.

Buy All Supplies/Books

Yes, you still have everything you bought at the beginning of the school year like pens, pencils, stapler, etc. But if you're anything like me, you'll go through at least one of the notebooks that you bought, and some of your pens will have run out of ink. Make sure you've restocked on all the essentials and buy anything new that a class asks you to provide. Oh, and don't forget your textbooks!

Put Off Procrastination

I know it's so easy to say "I'll do that reading later" or "I can finish that assignment tomorrow," but try to refrain from doing that. Getting things done early will leave you with more free time and will leave you feeling more on top of things. I'm normally a huge procrastinator when it comes to any essays I have to write, but I'm going to try to kick that habit this semester!

Print Out All Necessary Papers

This means syllabi, online readings (if they're short!), or flyers for events you want to attend. For each syllabus be sure to mark all important dates down or circle them. I've found that when I have all my assignments written down already it makes it a lot easier to prepare for all upcoming due dates and things I need to complete before certain times in the semester.

To help you lovelies get even more organized, I have some other freebies for you made by yours truly.

Pink Blog Organizer | Blue Blog Organizer | Weekly Organizer

I hope you all have a great semester!

P.S. You probably noticed that I've updated my blog's design, tell me how you feel about it in the comments!


  1. To do lists definitely help me out a lot!

    Molly and Stacie

  2. Thank you for the tips, mostly organising myself the night before and setting up goals for the next day was always my cheat trick !

    1. Never thought about doing it like that, but that seems very productive!

  3. You definitely got a plan for this Spring Semester...I was all about the planner and make sure that I printed out my syllbus/events but the biggest is procrastination towards my toughest subject and one least fave professor!


    1. Oh yeah that's the worst! I hate when there's a professor that I don't like, it's always harder to push myself in those classes.


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