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Monday, December 7, 2015

December Bucket List

I love December! It's my favorite month of the year because of all the festivities going on, and I always feel really happy looking at all the Christmas lights on all the houses. This bucket list is very Christmas-based, so for everyone who doesn't celebrate that I'm sorry! 

I'm so excited to go home in 2 weeks to see my family, but unfortunately I'll only be home for a week! On the positive side, the reason I'm leaving early is that I'm headed to the United Kingdom! For my school's Interterm (January Term) I'm going to be studying Harry Potter in London! Pretty much the dream if you ask me. Before the actual class though, my roommates and I (the ones going on the trip anyway) are all going to Ireland and Scotland to sightsee a little more. I'm beyond excited, and can't wait to share the whole trip with you all when I get back. Now if I can only make it through finals week and the rest of the month....

What's on your December bucket list?


  1. A Christmas Story is a holiday staple in my family. The 24 hours of ACS is always on! Love it.

    1. Same! It's on a different channel at my house, but basically all day we have it on the 24 hour loop! It's one of my favorite Christmas movies!



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