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Friday, November 13, 2015

Winter Outerwear Guide

Patagonia Quarter Zip | Pink Peacoat (Comes in 11 cute colors!) | Navy Peacoat | Toggle Coat
Herringbone Vest | Trenchcoat | Checked Ombre Coat | Black North Face

I'm a jacket hoarder. I live in California, so I obviously don't need a heavy winter jacket, but despite this I always seem to have at least 10 in my closet. (don't judge me!) Maybe it's the fact that I just love the look of winter coats, or I'm always expecting an unexpected, and definitely impossible snow storm, but I am always drawn to them when they start popping up in the Fall. 

For once I actually have a reason to buy some new, slightly heavyweight outerwear, because I'm heading to the United Kingdom at the end of December! I've been talking about it on Twitter every now and then, and also have a Pinterest board dedicated to the trip. All the plans have finally been set, and it's only starting to seem real to me since this trip has been in the works since last year! Don't you worry, there will definitely be a few posts about it around late December and January. For now, I've picked out a few of my favorite coats, jackets, pullovers, etc. in a bunch of different styles and prices for you to check out!

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