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Friday, September 4, 2015

Closet Tour!

I have a walk-in closet at my house near school, and I'm so excited about it! I recently organized it, and thought I would show you guys what I'm doing with it. Although it isn't anything particularly special, I thought that it may help some of you if you are having difficulty figuring out what to do with your own closet space.

Woohoo organized! I like to color code my closet because I feel like it makes it easier for me to put together outfits. It also helps me see how much of each color I have in my closet so that when I go shopping I know which colors I need to stock up on and which ones I definitely need to stop buying. Anyone else seem to always have way too much black?

If I were decorating my forever home, I would have nicer drawer sets than these, and they would be matching. Since I'm in college, I'm using what I have available which are completely unmatched drawer sets. I've had the black one for years, but just picked up the white ones (it's actually 3 stackable drawers!) from Target (Similar here). I use them to hold my socks, underwear, bras, t-shirts, shorts, and sleepwear. Very convenient, and it makes everything look much more organized. I also bought one of those big vases that are at Marshalls/Home Goods that you always ask "What would someone do with one of those?" and use it to collect my change! My goal is to completely fill it by the end of college, but as you can see I have a long way to go.

I keep my dresses and outerwear separate just because I've found it's easier than sorting those by color. All my jackets are actually downstairs in our coat closet, so I've used the extra closet space for my huge crafting drawer as well as some purses.

On a separate shelf in my closet I have all my extra t-shirts that I'm going to use to make a t-shirt quilt!

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Glitter Flats  | Nude Heels | Similar Fuchsia Heels | Red Heels | Similar(ish) Wedges
Easily my favorite part of my new closet is my shoe rack that sits above the clothes. I've always been confused on knowing what the best way to store shoes is, but now I'm convinced this is it. I get to see all of my options without digging around!

I know my closet isn't extraordinary like Kim Kardashian's, but it's a huge step up from the tiny wardrobe I had in my last school apartment. I was just so proud of it that I wanted to show you guys! Once everything is fully up and running in my new house (meaning after recruitment craziness ends) I want to do a few room tours.

 If you have specific rooms you would like to see please comment below! Or send me a tweet or tag me on Instagram (both @samimast) letting me know what you want to see.

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