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Monday, July 27, 2015

Italy! Part 2

In my last post I covered the places that I visited while in Rome. This post is all about my excursions outside of the city. As a class we traveled to both Pompeii and Florence, but we also had a few free days that allowed us to choose where we wanted to go! My friends and I went to Pisa, Venice, and did the Cinque Terre trek.

It was surprisingly cool in Pompeii. Our teacher kept stressing how hot it was going to be, but because it's by the coast there was a lot of breeze. It was a great change to the extreme heat in Rome.

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You guys might have seen this one on Instagram. That's Mt.Vesuvius in the background! It was pretty cool seeing all the ruins knowing that before excavations all of this was covered in 25ft of ash!

This was my class (including my teacher on the bottom left)! I have no idea what I'm doing with my pose here, but it's the only picture we took in Italy as a group, so I wanted to share it!

The beautiful river in Florence! 

The only decent picture of myself in the city! Here's the Ponte Vecchio in the background!

Climbed up to the (almost) top of the Campinile bell tower! Honestly I couldn't go through the last set of stairs. I went halfway up, got a little claustrophobic and then decided I was good at this level. As my teacher described it, this is the best view in all of Tuscany. I definitely agree.

Couldn't go to Florence without seeing The David by Michaelangelo. Also, bless the air conditioning in this gallery.

I'm letting you know at this point that there are a lot of Venice pictures. Venice is one of my favorite places in the world, and I might have gone a bit overboard here. But really, can you blame me with views like this?

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Bridge of Sighs, so small, so pretty.

Did you really go to Venice if you didn't take a gondola ride?

You'll never know what you'll find when you wander around in this beautiful little city.

Next up was the Cinque Terre tour! This was something I had never even heard of before the trip. The majority of the class chose this all day adventure for one of our free days, and after looking it up it was a no-brainer that I had to go. They warn you that the hike is strenuous, and it's no joke. I almost passed out near the top because of the heat and I was also out of water. If you do this, prepare yourself!

The towns were all along the coast of the Mediterranean and even though it was difficult to get to this one in particular (we hiked to this one, took trains/boats to the others) it was so worth it.

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The Mediterranean Sea has the bluest water I have ever seen in my entire life. And how cute are all these umbrellas?

Definitely one of the high points of my time in Italy! Each one of these little towns has their own personality and I definitely recommend doing this hike if you're in Italy!

Also not necessarily in Rome, we visited The Vatican. I sneakily took a picture of the Sistine Chapel...don't tell the Vatican security on me!

And now here's a picture of the best gelato I've ever had to end this post! It's from Giolittis in Rome, AKA the most amazing gelato establishment EVER.

Hope you enjoyed these Italy posts! Where's your favorite place to travel?

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