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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Yes Please

I not so recently won a giveaway from Kate Spade Saturday (#RIP) for Amy Poehler's Book Yes Please. Let me start this off by saying I was not expecting to like and relate to this book as much as I did. I enjoy Amy Poehler. I loved her on SNL and I loved her on Parks and Recreation, but I was never obsessed with her like I am with some celebrities (cough cough Dylan O'Brien). I thought this book would be a light, fun read where I would giggle and finish with a "Well that was good."

What I didn't expect was for me to connect with Amy Poehler. No I'm not an award winning comedian who has two sons and an amazing personality, but it was the little things that made me see her as a regular person, someone whose little quirks related to mine. I especially connected with her when she was talking about her desperate need of nitrous when visiting the dentist. Anyone remember a little post I wrote last summer about my anxiety at the dentist?

As I was reading her book I got a glimpse of who she really is as a person (or at least who she writes herself to be, I don't actually know her obviously) and got the feeling you're supposed to get when reading a magazine's section of "Celebrities! They're just like us!"She shared intimate details of her life, and how she grew up. I love learning about how people grow into themselves. I think it's partially because I'm in that phase right now, and also because I have a strange need to compare my life to others.

Yes Please made me feel like some of my weird insecurities were something that I could use "as my currency" as Amy phrases it. To use your interests and personality as a way to make things happen and change your life. Her approach to life is funny, serious, and sometimes a little wacky, but that just makes her more interesting. A few points in the book I would lose interest at because either 1) I had no experience in what she was talking about (read: improv/divorce) or 2) It would be 1am and I was starting to fall asleep.

My point is, I didn't think that I would get that much from a book written by a comedian. At most I thought I would get some insight into the gossip behind SNL (which I did) but I got so much more than that. It's opened me up to new ways of thinking about the world and myself. I highly recommend this one guys. Great job Amy, I know it was hard (as you stated about a million times haha).

P.S. By finishing this I've partially completed a goal on my 101 in 1001 list!
P.P.S. If you have any good book recommendations, I would love to hear them! I'm always looking for something new.

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