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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Home Bedroom Remodel

 As I briefly mentioned earlier on the blog, my room has been under remodeling since the summer, but I can finally share that all the construction is done! Not everything in the room is finished, as I still need a headboard and my parents need to take their exercise bike out, but other than that and a few other pieces to really finish off the room, it's complete! Also, sorry for the delay in posts this past week, I was on spring break and got pretty sick. I was also in the process of shopping for my room so I didn't have too much time to write with all that was going on.


My room had pale yellow walls and multicolored brown carpet. It wasn't the most beautiful thing in the world as you can see. This was the only room in our house that hadn't had anything changed in it since my parents bought the house in the early 80's. It was definitely time for a change.


These aren't the most quality pictures, but they are the only ones that I have during the process. You can see that there were cracks in the floor and in the walls (thanks California earthquakes) as well as it just being a super dated design (gross cinderblock). 


Please ignore the blanket being used as a curtain in some of the pictures haha, I haven't bought my shades yet. I painted my room a light teal, switched the dated carpet with medium/dark hardwood floor, and changed my closet to mirror doors. A few other things changed, but most of the furniture I have in these pictures is what was there before. I have a few stuffed animals sitting on the dresser that I don't exactly know where to put (Yes, I am a 20 year old who still has some stuffed animals and feel bad if I stuff them in a closet.) 

I really love my bedding. Like, I adore it. It's warm but not smothering, and the white adds a lot of brightness to the room. My favorite new thing I bought for my room is my white night stand. Unfortunately I got it at a local second hand bedroom store, but I found a few similar ones (1 2 3) I would write where everything else in my room is from, but the furniture is all relatively old or my dad made it.  

If you have any other questions or comments about my room leave a comment below!


  1. Wow what a transformation, your room looks sooo amazing now and I love the rug and the nightstand. That's so cool that your dad made some furniture too :) xxxx

  2. Wow, I can't believe the difference! It looks so different, you'd never think it's the same room! It looks so cosy though, I bet you like sitting on your bed and blogging, the bedding looks so comfy! x

    Jasmine ||

  3. Oh my gosh, what a world of difference!! It looks so much more updated. The paint color is amazing. Such a welcoming blue. Enjoy your new room. I know redecorating can have an amazing effect on you.

  4. The room looks so much nicer! Love the colour you decided to paint the walls :)

  5. Gorgeous Sami! I have the same duvet cover in a king size! Congrats on the fabulous new room!

  6. It looks so nice! I love the teal walls and hardwood floors and that built-in bookcase is lovely!


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