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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

October Favorites

Boy am I late on this post! School has been super hectic, but I'm trying to be on the blog as much as I can! Anyway, on to last months favorites! This one is very halloween themed, but hey isn't everything in October?

One // Pumpkins

My apartment had a total of 7 pumpkins this year! It's not really a specific item like I usually do for this list, but I felt compelled to add it. I seriously love all things fall, but pumpkins are basically at the top of that list. 

It isn't officially October till I've watched Hocus Pocus. It's my tradition every year, and it's my favorite Halloween movie! It's a total classic and if you haven't seen it already you definitely have to!! Even though it's now the post Halloween season it's a must see. 

I love this bag! First recommended to me by The College Prepster, I bought it the second I saw it. Last year I had trouble finding a bag that was big enough to take on weekend trips where I could fit clothes, toiletries, my laptop, school books, and anything else. I saw this bag and it's size and automatically knew that I would make good use of it. The weekend before last I actually drove home (8 hours btw!) and used this and fit everything I needed with extra space leftover! It has a really durable shoulder strap so that you can have free hands when carrying it around. Plus, it's monogrammed and how cute is that?

The one in the picture is actually off season, but they sell an Apple Crisp one that smells the exact same. I have one and spray it all the time just to make my room smell like an apple orchard. I find that most other room sprays like febreeze come off smelling fake and chemically altered, but this stuff is amazing. I would use it as perfume if I could (and I kind of have!). 

I'm kind of obsessed with everything Lauren Conrad is doing right now. Her style is so sweet and chic at the same time, she just got married, and she's just on top of everything. This jewelry line of hers is girly, simple, and classy. I have the bracelet pictured above (only $10.50!) and love it! I'm always on the search for new jewelry that is pretty but at a good price. I will definitely be back at Kohls to go searching for some more great jewelry of hers!

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