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Friday, November 7, 2014

My Big's Paddle!

If you are in a sorority, you most likely know that paddles are a tradition. Well for the last two weeks I have been working on my paddle for my big and I finally got to give it to her on Wednesday night! I was so proud of what I had done that I was very sad to have it leave my possession. However, she loved it so much and I know that she will take good care of it, and all my effort was definitely worth seeing the smile on her face!

My big loves rhinestones and cheetah print, so I wanted to find a way to work those two together without it being overdone. So on the front side that's what I did! The back is supposed to be a wine bottle (although the pink is a tad bit too bright, but oh well) because, well, my big likes wine! I'm so proud that I could be this crafty!! Lots of love to you big!!!

I would love to see your paddle if you're in a sorority! Send a picture to me via email at or comment a link if it's online anywhere! I'm definitely posting mine on my Pinterest

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