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Monday, October 13, 2014

Parents Weekend

My sister came down for parents weekend so that I wouldn't feel left out with all the other family members around. It was really great to see her and hang out since it's been about a month and a half since I've been home. The biggest part of our weekend was going out to Disneyland, but other than that we spent our time watching movies and shopping!

Look how cute this Mickey Mouse Jack-O-Lantern is! And you know, my sister and I are pretty adorable too. My sister really wanted to visit Disneyland when all the Halloween decorations were up, and it was definitely worth it! I went last year, but the park looked even better this time around.

We had to get some sort of food (besides the delicious fried chicken at The Plaza Inn) so we decided on pretzels. Mine (right) was filled with sweet cream cheese, and it's something I highly recommend to anyone who visits the park! 

Look at how pretty the sky was! Such a perfect way to end the night! Since it was one of the nights for Mickey's Halloween Party we had to leave at 7, but they started putting up all these cute night decorations at around 6. 

Other than Disneyland, when we went shopping I got some great things for fall that will hopefully make a great outfit post in the near future! It hasn't exactly been fall weather in Southern California, and I haven't been able to break out the sweaters and long pants like I had hoped. Hopefully within the next couple days it will get cooler and I can start wearing my favorite clothes!

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