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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

How To Organize Your Planner

I'll admit, I only recently got into using a planner, but I already love it so much. Last year, I had a white board calendar that I would have to change every month, and I would never be on top of what I had to do in the upcoming weeks. It was stressful. Now, I have my gorgeous planner, and I can already tell how helpful it will be this school year!

I wanted to show you all how I'm organizing my planner, and hopefully, if you too are just learning how to use your planner, it will give you some hints on what will work for you.

My wonderful Kate Spade Planner (honestly one of my greatest purchases)

First of all, look how cute these sayings are. I'm looking forward to reading them all as the year continues. Obviously I had to use my birthday month for this picture, January 2015 I'm coming for ya!

The Kate Spade planners have this lovely (not so little) notes section where I typically write my to-do lists, and as you can see, my color key for my current classes this semester. Fun fact, I'm a history major and religious studies minor! What about you guys? Also take note that although I'm a sophomore, I'm in a Junior-Senior only class, why did I do this to myself? I'm not so sure. 

My iPhone doesn't exactly capture the colors well, but the actual planner is a lovely blush pink with gold and creme accents. To. Die. For. Also, I didn't put this in the color key, but I stripe out the days that my college isn't in session so I know ahead of time for planning trips! Also, November isn't looking like a fun month for me....not looking forward to that. Hopefully you guys have it better than I do!

So much homework, I didn't think a sophomore could be this busy. By the way, the pens I use were in my August Favorites! Seriously, go buy some flair pens right now.

Along with my planner, I have my weekly DIY To-Do List that sits on my desk. I write the week's homework assignments as well as anything else that needs to get done. This week includes breaking in some new shoes (blisters are one of my least favorite things in the world) and going on a Costco run! 

Hope you guys were inspired to get organized! I'd love to see how you guys organize yourselves for school. Use the hashtag #theclassicbrunette on Twitter or Instagram, send me an email at theclassicbrunette, or just write in the comments! 

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