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Monday, September 29, 2014

National Coffee Day

Short post, but wanted to wish everyone a happy National Coffee Day! As a college student, caffeine is super important whether it be to keep you awake for those long nights of studying, or to just take a break with friends at your local Starbucks.

Here are some fun facts about coffee just because!
  • Hawaii is the only US state that grows coffee.
  • There is a coffee made from a cat's poop (more specifically the Kopi Luwak)
  • Santa Fe Springs, California has the highest concentration of Starbucks locations with 560 stores within 25 miles
  • It would take around 100 cups of coffee to have a lethal dose of caffeine
  • New York drinks about 7 times as much coffee as the rest of the world
  • Coffee was originally a food, not a drink. It was eaten in "energy balls."
There you go! The facts are all from Google searches, so not exactly sure how accurate some of them are, but still interesting! Now go get some for yourself and enjoy the rest of the day!

p.s. My favorite drink is a White Chocolate Mocha, what's yours?

Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Truth Behind Instagram Photos

Everyone knows Instagram is a place where you put your best self. It's the persona you would love to be, the pictures that seem effortless yet really took a hundred takes, the food that looks amazing but was actually the worst. I've seen a lot of bloggers showing the backstory to some of their posts lately, and I wanted to give it a try.

Lets start this whole thing with what Instagram is most famous for, the selfie. I took this one in Disneyland last spring. My hair was greasy, so I angled it where you couldn't see the worst of it. I stabbed myself with the eyeliner before getting it to look this nice. It was hot, and I was dripping sweat after a long day of Disney. I took this in a secluded corner so that I wasn't going to be judged for taking a selfie in public, although my friend Nicole was there with me and laughing and making me feel ridiculous while I was doing it. This was probably the 30th try for a good picture, and my mouth was starting to hurt from all the posed smiling. But hey, the picture looks good right?

I'm going to say first and foremost that this was the best ice cream I've ever had. However, taking this picture was annoying. I was in Virginia City, an old mining town in Nevada that is filled with tourists, and the blue stripes were outside someone's store. The stripes were a tiny little patch, so I had to sink down into a position where it looked like it covered the whole picture, and then move so I wasn't in the way of other people walking by. People were staring at me, my ice cream was melting into my hand since it was around 100 degrees, and my parents just kept walking away so they wouldn't be associated with me. Also I was really embarrassed that my nails weren't painted and they looked so bad in this photo. 

I had just bought new bed sheets, pillows, and a comforter, and was very excited to take a picture of it. It was so neat and clean until my black cat jumped on it, started rolling around, and claimed it was his own. There was fur everywhere, and he wouldn't move, so I started lint rolling around him. He thought this was a game and tried to swipe at me with his claws. I took the picture and had to snap my fingers or move my hand by my phone multiple times to get him to look at me. Good picture, but not what I was preparing for. Also these pillows got thrown off right after because they were annoying me when I was trying to sleep. I will always be a single pillow type of girl. 

Wow, look how classy I look. Despite one of my hashtags claiming that I forgot I owned this ring, no I did not. I totally put it on to show my followers how cute it is. I also painted my nails red to look classier for this picture. My hand kept looking stupid no matter the placement, and I had originally planned to have it just resting on my desk, but it looked so huge that way. I took several pictures of it with me smiling with my hand next to my face, and near my computer, but eventually decided on within the closet because the dark background made it pop. 

Those are the ones that I could even remember the story for them, but basically everything you see on my Instagram is 100% planned out, organized, and thoughtfully arranged so it looks good. My whole Instagram life is a lie! Just kidding, but still, there's a lot of unsaid things that go into these pictures. Not everything is as perfect as people make it seem on Instagram, or any social media for that matter. You may see some girl's selfies all over Facebook or Twitter and wonder how she looks so good, well I guarantee she's not taking one shot and looking amazing. She probably spends way too much time primping herself until everything is flawless (not that that's a bad thing, because it feels great to look great), just know many things aren't what they seem. 

I would love to be linked to some of your Instagram profiles! I love following new people, and love seeing how other people live their lives!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Weekend in San Diego

This past weekend I drove down to San Diego since my mom was there for a conference. I planned on going Friday after my classes, but ended up leaving Thursday night since I really wanted to see my mom.

I spent Friday doing homework, since my mom had meetings all day, but one of her coworkers brought breakfast up to me while I was sleeping so I wouldn't starve. Maybe it's San Diego, or maybe it's the hotel, but wherever this fruit is from, it was delicious.

We were right next to the trolley station, so this was our view! I also did some grocery shopping since there was a Foods 4 Less right there, and all I could really get were items I couldn't put in the fridge. I also did some business shopping, since my sorority meetings require business attire. My dad also flew in late Friday afternoon, which was great because I missed him a lot too. 

Saturday morning the three of us went and saw Dylan O'Brien's (aka my obsession) new movie The Maze Runner. My mom really liked it, since she was the only one of us who hadn't read the books. I was kind of disappointed that they didn't really keep to the story, but overall it was a good movie.

That night we also went to a Padre's game vs The Giants! It was super great since we were pretty close, but unfortunately the Giants lost. The stadium was nice once you were actually seated, but it was so confusing finding our way around! After the game the band O.A.R. played a concert on the field. Their most famous song is called Shattered, which I'm sure most of you have heard. Other than that, I hadn't really heard many of their other songs, so we decided to call it a night after 3 songs. 

I left for school Sunday morning since I had a sorority meeting that afternoon, but I loved seeing my parents and am missing them already!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Spot Light

This has no doubt been my craziest week. After recruitment I still feel sleep deprived and my social life seems to have exploded (great, but exhausting!) which means I didn't get as much me time as I had wanted this week. Everything has been great though, and I love getting to know all my new sisters, but the introvert side of me (which is fairly big) needs some time for myself. Homework has also been piling on, and basically everything here today has been a distraction from finishing my work.

I've always seen Tindr as something out of my comfort zone, and even though I have friends who use it, it still freaks me out a little bit. So I'm not even sure how I found this, probably on Facebook, but this guy is hilarious. His name is Jarrod Allen and has a bunch of these taken. Where he finds the time to take all these pictures I have no clue, but I'm glad he does it. It's seriously the best source of laughter if you're in a slump. 

One of my favorite people in history is Abraham Lincoln. I just think he's such an interesting man, and every time I see something with him I have to take a look at it. These pictures are really cool, because most of them are new to me. Some of them are funny, like the one above where his hair is a little bit crazier than normal, and I love seeing old photos of people in a new light. Maybe I'm only interested in these because I'm a history major, but I honestly just think these are really cool, and pictures like these are always so fascinating. Go check'em out! Also, in the pictures that I have seen on the site, I always thought he was on the older side, but in reality he was in his forties for most of these, interesting how people aged faster back in the days without modern skincare!

I pinned this quote a little while ago, and it's just stuck with me. If you want to do something, start doing it. If you want to be someone, start the process that helps you get there. Whether you want to go to grad school, get into a better workout schedule, eat better, organize your room, or start a blog, just start somewhere and you're on your way. Inspirational quotes are some of my favorite things to read, and this one is so simple, but so true and works for whatever you want to do. I think I first saw this one before starting my blog, and I'm so happy that I followed through. If you want to get started on a new project, this is your sign to go do it!

I don't know about you, but I'm obsessed with nail polish. My nails are always painted, and I even have an Instagram for my nail designs (although I'm a little behind on updating it!) My Pinterest board is also overflowing with nail designs that I want to attempt, so I thought this list was pretty cool. There were a few points that I already knew, like how clear nail polish can be used as a way to keep things together, but many points I had never heard before! Like who knew you could be allergic to nail polish? Those poor girls, I could never survive. 

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, and I love decorating, so this was a must-have for my Spot Light list. Maybe it's the free candy, maybe its the fact that I secretly like getting scared, or maybe it's because I look forward to watching Hocus Pocus on repeat the whole month of October, either way, I love Halloween. Yes, it's super early for decorating for Halloween, but don't you want to be prepared for when the time comes? These decorations are classy and cute, and are great for those of you who aren't into the spooky, creepy, pee your pants scary stuff that other houses use. Those are great if you're looking to be terrifying, (which is super fun if you're into it!) but inside my house I know I don't want to wake up in the middle of the night and forget I put something creepy out and have a heart attack. Michael's has some great banners like the skeletons and the "Happy Halloween" one for cheap (not online yet), and pumpkins are easy to find really anywhere. 

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Sorority Recruitment Fall 2014

Hey everyone! Sorry I've been kind of M.I.A. this past week, I was going through sorority recruitment! It took a lot out of me, and I've been stumbling around campus with blisters and barely any sleep this whole weekend. The past few days I've spent catching up on the homework I needed to get done, and meeting a lot of girls who I can now call my sisters! So here's what happened during my super busy weekend!

Friday // Day 1 AKA Meet All The Chapters:

What I Wore: 


My dress was from a boutique that I honestly can't remember the name of, but here's a dress with the exact fabric and here's a similar style. My shoes are Steve Madden from Nordstrom Rack, and the elephant necklace is old, but here's a similar one!

I also couldn't resist taking a selfie since my friend curled my hair so perfectly. I wish it could look like that all the time.

We currently have 8 sororities here at Chapman, but in the spring Pi Beta Phi is colonizing, so our first stop was a presentation by them. After that, we were taken around to each "party" as they're called, and met each group of girls. We started the night at 3:30 pm and ended around midnight, so wear comfortable shoes. I had just bought my flats a couple days earlier thinking that I would be fine, I was horribly and completely wrong. Blisters started coming up within the first half hour, my toenails were cutting my toes, and my feet were just a hot mess. Pro tip: Break in shoes way in advance. 

We also didn't get too much of a dinner break, (literally we grabbed a slice of pizza and walked to our next party) so have a big lunch before you go so you won't pass out.

Saturday // Day Two AKA Call Backs:

What I Wore: 

No jewelry today, and I borrowed some really broken in shoes from my friend since my blisters were still very painful. The dress is very pink in this picture, but it's really more of a coral. Here's an extremely similar dress that's on sale! The shoes I'm assuming are years old, but here are some cute look-a-likes!

On this day we got invited back to up to five sororities (I only got 3, but that was the average) and went to slightly longer parties for each one. This day was called Philanthropy day, and the girls of each chapter showed videos about the charities they run or take part in, and how they give back to the community. We also talked with a couple girls from each chapter and got to ask questions about how each sister gets involved, if they do hands on work, etc. Pro tip: Just because you're interested in the philanthropy doesn't mean you're interested in the sorority and vice versa. It's best if you like both, that way you'll want to be more involved!

We started at 10am and went to 5pm, so another long day, but my feet were definitely not in as much pain as the first day. Be warned, a lot of girls were crying on this day because they didn't get asked back to their number one choice. I may or may not have called my mom and cried about not getting invited back to a certain chapter (I did). Just know it's okay and you'll end up where you're supposed to!

Sunday Morning // Day 3 AKA Preference Morning:

What I Wore:

I absolutely adore my dress that I got from Forever 21! The color is so pretty and it's just my favorite thing right now. Here's a similar dress since mine's unfortunately no longer available! The shoes were mentioned in a previous post, and again super comfortable. (They actually broke at some point while I was wearing them and I didn't notice!) The necklace is another one of my recent favorite purchases, and is also from Forever 21. (While I was searching I also found a bunch of other cute statement necklaces! 1 2 3 4 )

All the girls started early on this day, showing up at 8:30am and everyone was invited to either one or two parties. I was invited to two, each one being an hour long where you talk to one girl from the chapter as well as watch and/or take part in a small ceremony. Not going to lie, these ceremonies are no joke and there were girls getting very emotional. (myself included!) Pro tip: I cannot stress wearing comfortable shoes, and also, waterproof mascara.

Sunday Evening // Day 3 Part 2 AKA Bid Night:

I just wore casual clothes, since the chapter you join gives you a shirt once you head out to the festivities. The hours beforehand I was nervous that my number one choice wasn't going to give me a bid, that the girls were going to hate me or something, but everything worked out in the end!

This is me and my best friend (since the third grade) and we went through recruitment together, and now we're Alpha Gamma Delta sisters! I am so thrilled to be where I am, and really do feel like I fit in with these wonderful women. Pro tip: Trust the system. 

Even if you don't end up joining a sorority, (many girls drop out) you will meet so many great people during the process, and it's a great, although terrifying, experience. It's good practice for being interviewed, you get a workout, (lots of walking/running!) and you can meet some amazing people. 

Are you in a sorority? Did you just go through recruitment, or are going to soon? How do you feel about the recruitment process? I'd love to hear your stories and where you all ended up! Send me and email or tag me on instagram and use the hashtag #theclassicbrunette to show me your greek life pride!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

How To Organize Your Planner

I'll admit, I only recently got into using a planner, but I already love it so much. Last year, I had a white board calendar that I would have to change every month, and I would never be on top of what I had to do in the upcoming weeks. It was stressful. Now, I have my gorgeous planner, and I can already tell how helpful it will be this school year!

I wanted to show you all how I'm organizing my planner, and hopefully, if you too are just learning how to use your planner, it will give you some hints on what will work for you.

My wonderful Kate Spade Planner (honestly one of my greatest purchases)

First of all, look how cute these sayings are. I'm looking forward to reading them all as the year continues. Obviously I had to use my birthday month for this picture, January 2015 I'm coming for ya!

The Kate Spade planners have this lovely (not so little) notes section where I typically write my to-do lists, and as you can see, my color key for my current classes this semester. Fun fact, I'm a history major and religious studies minor! What about you guys? Also take note that although I'm a sophomore, I'm in a Junior-Senior only class, why did I do this to myself? I'm not so sure. 

My iPhone doesn't exactly capture the colors well, but the actual planner is a lovely blush pink with gold and creme accents. To. Die. For. Also, I didn't put this in the color key, but I stripe out the days that my college isn't in session so I know ahead of time for planning trips! Also, November isn't looking like a fun month for me....not looking forward to that. Hopefully you guys have it better than I do!

So much homework, I didn't think a sophomore could be this busy. By the way, the pens I use were in my August Favorites! Seriously, go buy some flair pens right now.

Along with my planner, I have my weekly DIY To-Do List that sits on my desk. I write the week's homework assignments as well as anything else that needs to get done. This week includes breaking in some new shoes (blisters are one of my least favorite things in the world) and going on a Costco run! 

Hope you guys were inspired to get organized! I'd love to see how you guys organize yourselves for school. Use the hashtag #theclassicbrunette on Twitter or Instagram, send me an email at theclassicbrunette, or just write in the comments! 

Monday, September 8, 2014

Adventures in Disneyland

This weekend I made a short trip over to Disneyland for my friend Nicole's birthday. Since it's only 15 minute drive from our school, and we go there a lot, we decided to make it a dinner/evening visit and only stay a couple of hours.

One of the first rides we went on was Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. For those of you who aren't familiar with the ride, it's essentially a roller coaster with a western mining theme complete with a couple explosions along the way. As we started the ride, however, the it stopped before we reached the first drop, essentially leaving us at an angle with some people under a waterfall.

Now, before I get into this, I'm just going to let you know how many times my friends and I have been to Disneyland in the past year, and how many times we've wanted to see the behind the scenes of these rides. We've been stopped once on Space Mountain, and were disappointed that we had already finished the ride and only had to be pushed a few feet back into the station, and couldn't see the roller coaster with the lights on.

But on Saturday, the lights came on in Thunder Mountain, everything stopped, and we were left to be escorted off the ride by Disney cast members. Not many people get to have this opportunity, and some may even be annoyed by it, but my friends and I were thrilled! We took some pictures of us getting walked out, and let me say it's just a cool experience to have. For those of you who think that it would be an inconvenience, Disney gives your party a Fast Pass good for any ride you choose as an apology.

Without further ado, here are the pictures! Apologies in advance, many are blurry as we were so excited.

By far, the whirlpool was my favorite part of walking inside the ride!

Ah yes, a blurry, excited me standing in front of the train.

And of course, we ended off the night with some fireworks!

Have any good Disney stories? I'd love to hear them!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Getting A Good Night's Sleep

I've always had some sort of sleeping issue, and in college it gets harder when you aren't exactly in the best environment and aren't sleeping on the top choice mattress. Back home, I don't always sleep well, and it usually takes me about an hour and a half, sometimes longer, to fall asleep. This has been an ongoing issue ever since I can remember, and it's taken me 19 years to figure out a better way to fall asleep.

In my room back home, I don't have an air conditioner, my bed is a weird shape so my sheets tend to slide off (I'm extremely OCD about making sure they're tucked in every time I get in again), and there's a dip right in the middle of the mattress where I've been sleeping for the past 6 or so years. At home, I have a horrible time sleeping, and there have been many times that I have stressed myself out about it and end up making it worse.

Freshman year I still had some sleep issues, since I essentially had the same environment in my dorm as I had in my house (minus the mattress dip). This year, however, I think I've finally figured out how to get a good night's sleep!

My dorm apartment has air conditioners in every room, so I can adjust the temperature where it's comfortable. I have 3 mattress toppers to go over the horrible dorm mattress the school uses (this is the one I find most comfortable), and although the sun streams in since there are lights right outside my window, I get to sleep pretty quick without tossing or turning.

What I think is key is comfort, and more importantly temperature. I tend to get really hot when I'm sleeping, and the air conditioner is my favorite part of my room now. I think the right mattress topper also helps to relieve stress from my muscles (I have issues with both my back and my shoulders) and makes me relax into a comfortable state.

For those of you heading off to college, or are just having trouble sleeping wherever you are, I suggest looking into getting a heating/cooling unit for your room (or a decent fan if you don't want to spend a lot), and a comfier mattress or mattress pad. It truly makes a huge difference!!

Friday, September 5, 2014

5 Ways To Unwind From A Stressful Day

I have officially finished my first week of school! Although classes are just getting started, and I haven't had to do too much, I'm pooped. The summer was full of relaxing days, and now that I have an actual schedule to keep up with, I find myself always in a rush to be somewhere or meet people.

After a long day (or couple days) of going to 5 back to back classes and getting home to do homework, I just want to spend some time pampering myself and de-stressing. Finding time to relax is tough in college, especially when it seems like everyone is always out doing something fun (but exhausting), or your teachers keep piling on the homework.

It's impossible to function without taking a couple hours, or minutes if you are that crunched for time, for yourself and doing something that makes you happy. Of course you can always involve friends who are also stressing out, but for me, I love my alone time once and a while.

One // Put on something comfy

 I'm a firm believer that if you're comfortable in what you're wearing, you'll feel better. I try to take this view outside my apartment, but it's hard to follow through when a lot of cute clothes have a low comfort level. When I get back to my room I switch into my pajamas immediately (yes, even at 4 in the afternoon sometimes) and am instantly happier. There's just something so wonderful about getting into a big sweater or t-shirt and out of jeans into soft shorts or sweatpants. 

Two // Drink something warm

 Whether it be chai tea, hot chocolate, or whatever your hot beverage preference is, it will warm up your insides and help the stress leave your body. Your muscles will loosen up and you will end up much more relaxed than before. 

Three // Wash your hair

 I don't know about you, but I'm the least stressed when I'm in the shower. My muscles are relaxed, I'm daydreaming about something other than school and all the stuff I have to do, and it feels like I'm in a different world. Take a long shower and just clean yourself up, wash your face, your hair, and everything else. Pretend like you're literally scrubbing away your worries, and take the alone time to think about other things that aren't stressful.

Four // Give yourself a manicure

 One of my favorite things to do when I feel like I'm stressed out is painting my nails. The concentration that I put into getting my nail as perfect as I can make it takes my mind off of whatever was bothering me in the first place. It's a solid 10-15 minutes (if you do designs like me, probably more) to have your mind focused on other things, and plus, you'll have wonderful nails to show off the next day. My favorite colors recently have been Sally Hansen's I Lilac You, Revlon's Urban, and Revlon's Copper Penny.  

Five // Take a nap

 The best advice I've ever had for de-stressing is to sleep it off. Now I'm not saying shrug off responsibilities by sleeping through whatever it is you're supposed to be doing, but if you find yourself with extra time, or if it's already late into the night, go to bed. You can't stress while you're asleep can you? (No, seriously, can you?) Grab a warm blanket, a soft pillow, and dream about the good things in your life. 

How do you unwind? 

Let me know in the comments and if you have suggestions for other posts send me an email at or tag @samimast on instagram with the #theclassicbrunette. 

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

August Favorites!

My college has started up for me once again, and so I've decided to make the August Favorites have a slight school vibe to them. I have to say I'm really going to miss summer, all that free time I had is going to be taken up by studying and lots and lots of reading! But, I hope to make it a great semester and will attempt to make it a fun one!

Physicians Formula Kohl Eyeliner Trio - I have this set in Nude (pictured), but you can find them for every eye color to achieve an eye popping look. I've been looking for a new eyeliner and these are perfect for the lower eyelid (and even though it's not made for it, the upper eyelid). If I just smear it on both and add mascara I have a less than 3 minute makeup routine for class that has me looking more put together than I actually am. 

Herbal Essences Happy Go Lather Body Wash - Easily one of the best body washes I've used. I've tried other Herbal Essences body washes before and they were also great, but this one smells so fresh and flowery that I always want to use a bit more than I actually need to keep myself smelling good longer. It also gets super foamy with a small amount so it lasts a lot of showers!

Old Navy Flip Flops - I feel like these are everyone's go-to pair of shoes when you want something easy and comfortable. They are amazingly priced and come in so many colors and patterns! I always wear these when I'm having an off day and don't know what to wear or honestly when I'm just feeling lazy and don't feel like dressing up. I would wear flats if I was dressing up a bit more, but they give me blisters more often than not, and these don't!

Paper Mate Flair Pens - These are seriously the best pens ever. They glide evenly, come in a huge variety of colors, and are just too cute. I bought myself two packs of these for school (different colors of course) and have used them every day. A teensy bit pricey, but what good pen isn't nowadays?

Centrum Flavor Burst Vitamins - I'm not always the best at remembering to take my vitamins, but these chewables taste exactly like candy. You're supposed to have 4 a day, and I actually look forward to taking them since they taste so dang good. I used to take gummy bear vitamins, but the taste was a little funky and I decided to switch to these. Best choice ever!

What are your favorites from August?

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