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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Spot Light!

There are so many things that I come across on the internet that I could write full posts on, but others I just want to highlight from time to time. These things can be anything from a trend I see on Pinterest to a video on youtube that I thought would bring tears or laughter to your life. Every couple of weeks I plan to shed some light onto these interesting tidbits that I find, and hope that you'll take a look at them and find them as interesting as I do!

One // RogerHub Grade Calculator

This is going to be a big help for when finals come rolling around so that you can maintain the grade you have or the one you're aspiring for. You can also figure out your grade before a final, after you already took the final (provided you have your final test grade, but the professor hasn't put up your actual class grade). Honestly, I can see myself using this for every test since I am always obsessing over  what my grades are and professors aren't always getting scores in the gradebook as fast as I want them to.

Two // Leonardo Dicaprio ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

There have been so many celebrities doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, I'm sure most of you have all been nominated to do it too. The point of the challenge is to spread awareness for the disease and to help raise funds for treatment research. Unfortunately, I haven't come across many people who chose to donate, so when I was nominated I opted out of covering myself in freezing water (and a fine for wasting water in California's drought) and donated what I could. The thing that makes Leo's video extra special, however, is his extremely generous donation. Now, I've seen a few celebrities who have chose to take the challenge and donate, but not to this caliber. Leo donated 100,000! My jaw literally fell open when I saw that number. This just restores my love in Leonardo Dicaprio and makes me happy that the Ice Bucket Challenge is so popular. It's a great chance for changes in the medical community to be brought to light, and I hope that something great comes out of this.

Three // Limzy Wei : Flowergirls Art

These are so beautiful and I wanted to share them with you guys for a while. Although these particular designs are some of her older ones, she continues to make new flower art on her tumblr which I linked above. It's amazing how beautiful nature can be on its own, but when it's constructed into actual pieces of art I just think it's so unique. There are many more designs of hers that I like, but these just caught my eye and the colors are breathtaking.

Four // Rachel Parcell's Closet turned Office

Isn't this what you've always dreamed of? A closet with an enormous space for shoes, color coded clothing displays, a million windows, and so much drawer space you don't know what to do with it? No? Just me? Well let me tell you, I'm in love with this closet (and insanely jealous!) and the fact that it doubles as her office space is just an added bonus. Rachel runs the blog Pink Peonies and as she writes about fashion she is also surrounded by it! A true dream come true in my opinion. My favorite part of the room is that chair she has, doesn't it look amazingly comfortable?

Five // Pumpkin Rice Krispy Treats

I'm one of those annoying people who likes to get into fall right when school begins to start, so these pumpkin rice krispy treats I found on pinterest are perfect. Who doesn't love a sweet treat to get them into the upcoming season! It doesn't hurt that these pumpkins are adorable. I would invite some friends over and have these on the dessert table or make some with your little siblings/nieces and nephews for some family bonding time.

What's do you want to highlight this week?


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